Our Lady Peace - 2003 Live

ARTIST: Our Lady Peace
SERIAL: CK 85855
YEAR: 2003

LINEUP: Raine Maida - vocals * Steve Mazur - guitars * Duncan Coutts - bass * Jeremy Taggart - drums

TRACK LISTING: All For You * 02 Supermans Dead * 03 Not Enough * 04 Naveed/Life * 05 Innocent * 06 Bring Back The Sun * 07 One Man Army * 08 Is Anybody Home * 09 Our Time Is Fading * 10 Are You Sad * 11 Whatever * 12 Clumsy * 13 Starseed * 14 Somewhere Out There


Our Lady Peace are veritable superstars in their native Canada and the release of this, their sixth album, will cement their popularity still further in their homeland, recorded as it was on the cross-Canadian 'Fear Of The Trailer Park' tour earlier this year.

However, as with most live albums, 'Live' fails to adequately recreate the experience of actually being there and it suffers from a lack of fluidity - the 14 songs are culled from three separate performances and the track listing is not as representative of the band's decade-long career as it could be.

The Songs

There are good points though, especially the U2-esque segueing of the songs 'Naveed' and 'Life' in a particularly inspired ten-minute interlude, vocalist Raine Maida and new guitarist Steve Mazur bring an energy and urgency to the band's delivery,.

And with the presence of 'Superman's Dead', 'Clumsy' and 'Starseed' long-time fans will perhaps forgive the over-polished feel of the sound and the over-emphasis on making three separate performances sound like one whole show.

The success of last year's excellent opus 'Gravity', means that five tracks from that album are included here, including the mighty 'Innocent', the heartfelt show closer 'Somewhere Out There' and the dark and aggressive 'Not Enough'.

The previously unreleased 'Gravity' out-take 'Our Time Is Fading' is a welcome inclusion for hardcore fans as is oldie 'One Man Army'.

In Summary

Overall, 'Live' is a decent effort at a live album, but could have been so much better. There are some good moments here but it's certainly no 'Live at Leeds'. The forthcoming 20-track DVD may be a better option for the band's long-time fans.

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