Cut Lips - 2008 China White [ep]

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ARTIST: Cut Lips
ALBUM: China White [ep]
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2008
SPONSOR: Nobie Wes and Cut Lips

LINEUP: Michael Cheff - lead vocals * Pat Hankin - lead guitar, backing vocals * Chris Phoenix - bass, backing vocals * Nobie Wes - drums, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Miss Lady Decadence * 02 Bad Disease * 03 Shakedown * 04 No Compro

RATING: image


Cut Lip's Myspace page says they are 'The best shit you ever heard'. Brave words indeed, but these guys match the bravado with some attitudinal Swedish rawk and rawl not heard since, well, I'll leave that up to you to decide.

From Stockholm, these boys combine sleaze and glam in much the same way as Swedish counterpartsCrashdiet did, but mostly they lock their musical target into Hanoi Rocks, Aerosmith and GnR as if those outfits had a bullseye planted on their drum riser.

Having a squizz around their website, you can find a little bit more about them (not that much more), and it was interesting to see drummer Nobie Wes wandering around stage with next to no clothes on. What the heck is up with that?

The Songs

'Miss Lady Decadence' is the opener, and presents us with a GnR flavoured rocker, with vocals and guitars laying homage to Messrs Rose and Slash. With this track you can hear where these guys are coming from.

'Bad Disease' is a case of spreading their payload like a musical version of SARS; infectious, raucous, and guaranteed to leave a few headless chooks in their wake.

The riffs are flying fast and furious on 'Shakedown', the tempo borders on manic, the gang chants are straight out of the back alley of sleaze, and the guitars twist and turn like an out of control corkscrew.

'No Compro' is the last track, and its probably the most mature effort here. Mid paced, but it still has a very powerful delivery with a melodic edge. I liked this one a lot.

In Summary

The band are still getting around to releasing their first album. It's taking a while but as they say, 'all good things take time'. If 'China White' is anything to go by, then sleaze/glam fans will have a lot to look forward to when the 'real deal' lands on the market.

In the meantime, head on over to their Myspace page to take a listen to this lot. Fans of fellow Swedes Crashdiet should investigate.

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