Danger Avenue - 2008 Danger Avenue [ep]

ARTIST: Danger Avenue
ALBUM: Danger Avenue [ep]
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2008

LINEUP: Jimmy Lee Cooper - vocals, guitar, piano * Victor DiCola - guitars * Thomas Van Shaw - guitars, vocals * Viktor O'Malley - bass * Criss David - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 West Coast Angel * 02 The Distance * 03 Boarding Pass * 04 Beat The Night * 05 Avenues And Boulevards

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Earlier this year we bought to you a great new AOR act called Elevener. From Gothenburg Sweden, they are now joined by another outfit breaking out of the Swedish capital of prog metal. These boys are called Danger Avenue, and present a very Americanised sound that is mainly AOR but with a slightly glammy/pop edge too, but don't tell them that.

You can tell by their band names and song titles that this lot are wanting to experience the American Dream, and their biograhies all point to references going back into the 70's and 80's. Kiss, REO Speedwagon, Journey and Bruce Springsteen reel off the fact sheet like a who's who of influences, let's not forget The Who either, they are on the list too.

Danger Avenue came to life in 2006 and have been blitzing audiences in Sweden ever since. They are a good example of using the MySpace medium to good effect too. I've seen them floating within the MS ether for a wee while now, and with an impending EP release, it's time to give them some Glory Daze attention.

The Songs

Over the last year or so we've featured a couple of Swedish EP's, the most prominent being the band CC Rock, though it's unsure what has happened to those guys of late.

By comparison, Danger Avenue are at the lighter end of the scale. Sure there are some crunching guitar lines that remind me of the likes of Poison at their 80's zenith, but the keyboards smooth things out immeasurably.

This is apparent on the opener 'West Coast Angel'. Talking of which, is there such a thing? If so, I'd like to meet her. 'The Distance' features some very cool guitar melodies, and has a 90's mid-west vibe about it. Think Venice or Brett Williams & In Reach and you'll get the picture.

'Boarding Pass' is kinda similar, but without the same level of intensity, using acoustic guitars to get the message across. Lifting the pace is 'Beat The Night', with guitar bursts throughout amid a tale of nocturnal habits it would seem. The guitar solo through the middle is excellent, as are the Alex Lifeson styled rhythms which follow.

The last track 'Avenues And Boulevards' must surely be an AOR song-title of choice. The music is a mid-tempo affair, mild and with a distinct indie flavour about it. Notwithstanding, it has a heap of charm about it, and like the preceding track, the guitar solo is like an insulin injection for the discerning musical diabetic.

In Summary

The EP is due out on November 29th, and will be distributed throughout Europe by NL Productions, and by Wishing Well Entertainment throughout the USA. WW is the online retail store operated by Roger and Cassandra Pamachena.

Hopefully these are the first encouraging steps for Danger Avenue. Put on this repeat play for a few sessions and I'm sure that like me, you'll come to appreciate and enjoy it.

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