Dirty Passion - 2008 Dirty Passion [demos EP]

ARTIST: Dirty Passion
ALBUM: Dirty Passion [demos EP]
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2008
SPONSOR: Dirty Passion

LINEUP: Emil Ekbladh - vocals * Christopher Olsson - guitar * Bjorn Wilander - bass * Christoffer Braman - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Love Me Right * 02 Rockin' In The Night * 03 Stand Up * 04 Liar


Formed in 2006, Malmo locals Dirty Passion have been busy promoting their brand of L.A styled glam/sleaze hard rock, culminating in a raft of songs ready for presentation to interested punters.

Since those heady days of Crashdiet back in 2005, Sweden has been populating the world with a multitude of glam rockers. Though the genre might be finding it hard to compete in an era of rap and hip-hop (god help us), there is still enough interest and diversity that it remains active, long after the days of Hanoi Rocks.

And with Guns N Roses, oops., Axl Rose now back in the limelight with 'Chinese Democracy', perhaps the glam/sleaze scene is set for a return? Only an optimist like Kelv Hellrazer would be so forthright to blindly agree, for the rest of us, we take it with a grain of salt.

The Songs

Dirty Passion introduce themselves with a four track EP of material showcasing their material. You should also be able to hear some of these on their MySpace website. The riffs are searing and flying off the handle on the opener 'Love Me Right'. Good vocals and a fiery solo compliment this track.

'Rockin' In The Night' features some guitar work similar to fellow Swedes H.E.A.T. The arrangement has a commercial angle to it, and indeed has some H.E.A.T. like attributes, but without a bigger production, it isn't able to compete. Not bad though.

'Stand Up' has some good ideas, but there wasn't enough of a contrast to lock this one down in the brain, unfortunately. 'Liar', despite the mellow introduction, sees gang chant vocals become entangled with noisy guitars and a stomping backbeat.

In Summary

As mentioned, some good ideas, and now they've got a few years behind them, they need to get some well produced material ou there. With some more refinement, tighter playing, Dirty Passion should look forward to keeping the glam/sleaze tradition alive and well in Sweden.

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