Kingdragon - 2008 Fire In The Sky EP

ARTIST: Kingdragon
ALBUM: Fire In The Sky
LABEL: Kingdragon Music
YEAR: 2008
SPONSOR: Kingdragon-

LINEUP: George Aspiotis - lead vocals, keyboards * Anastasis Fragopoulos - guitars * Byron Tsourapis - guitars * John Karachalios - drums * Nick Michalas - additional keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Fire In The Sky * 02 Man Of Yesterday * 03 Hold On 2 Love * 04 Lovely Lady


About a year ago, this website was raving about a new Greek band called Wild Rose. There was some suggestion that the band was in the throes of a record deal with US label Retrospect Records, however it seems that deal fell through, and the band have kind of slipped off the radar.

Never fear, from the land that gave us Ouzo and Souvlaki, here's another outfit worth considering - Kingdragon. Don't be put off by the Dio like moniker. These boys play with a heap of melody and a backline decked out in keyboards.

Interestingly, some of the personnel have history going way back. George Aspiotis and John Karachalios were previous members of Spitfire, a band that goes way back into time, and are featured here under our 1986 reviews. Kingdragon infuse many influences in their sound, too many to name here.

The Songs

The band give us four tracks. Singer George Aspiotis has a strong Ted Poley flavour to this voice, and if you put this in the context of the various bands he's been involved with (other than Danger Danger), then Kingdragon come close.

Opening title track 'Fire In The Sky'. The guitar playing (especially the soloing) has elements of the widdly-diddly finger work which distracts a bit, considering the song sits comfortably in the melodic rock camp.

An acoustic opening precedes the rather excellent 'Man Of Yesterday', which is easily the best track on this EP. It's got everything really. Nice arrangement, superb harmony vocals, layered synths and of the course a great chorus which sells the song completely.

'Hold On 2 Love' opens in a myriad of synth sequences, which sounds cool before reverting to a streamlined form of hard rock. 'Lovely Lady' features a ton of keys, again with that Ted Poley vocal flavour shining through. The guitar solos are very shred sounding, which kinda sound out of place given the construct of the songs.

In Summary

'Fire In The Sky' is a good start for Kingdragon. It's obvious their songs need a bit of refinement. Cutting back the OTT soloing would help IMHO, they build good depth and atmosphere with their keyboard layers, no problems with the vocals and harmonies.

The drums (as always with demos and self released efforts) could do with a bit of extra crunch, zing and sizzle (goodness, sounds like I am writing about a breakfast cereal).

The band have been spreading their EP far and wide it would seem, good on them for getting their music out there. Kingdragon can be found on MySpace, check the link above.

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