Old Future Crash - 2008 I'll Never Stop [ep]

ARTIST: Old Future Crash
ALBUM: I'll Never Stop [ep]
LABEL: Turia Records
YEAR: 2008


LINEUP: Pedro Lopez - lead & harmony vocals, background vocals, vocoder, keyboards, synths, programming * Mauri Martinez - keyboards, synthesizers * Nancy Betancourt - lyrics * Arturo Aguilera - electric guitars

TRACK LISTING: 01 I'll Never Stop * 02 This Is Heaven * 03 Sorry


Not too many years ago, admitting you were an ELO fan was usually met with fits of hysterical laughter or quizzical and concerned looks as if you just arrived from another planet on a red, blue and yellow space ship.

Sweet vindication because finally and for various reasons including the apparent 're-discovery' of ELO's Beatlesque qualities, the tide has turned and the work Jeff Lynne & company is not only respected by the critical elite, but in the last couple years a new wave of ELO inspired bands have popped up around the world including Holland's Alternativa who we previously covered here at Glory Daze and now Spain's Old Future Crash.

Now whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen and as they say, first there's the innovator, then the imitators, then the idiots. Fortunately for Old Future Crash they sit somewhere between innovator and imitator with their first official release on the Spanish label Turia Records.

The Songs

This is a nifty little release on a limited and numbered seven inch vinyl pressed in either black or orange - take your pick. A quick read through the band's promo material offers some over the top verbiage from the webmaster of 'ELO Espana', a Spanish disc jockey and label heads Jose Galvez and Vincente Ribas.

All well intentioned with comparisons to The Buggles which I do hear slightly but not enough to warrant a mention and plenty of references naturally leading to ELO which is refreshingly honest.

Like Alternativa, Old Future Crash at least on record favors the 80's version of ELO. In other words, you'll find more of 'Time' and 'Balance Of Power' than 'Face The Music' in the OFC sound.

Vocalist Pedro Lopez sounds like a smoother version of Jeff Lynne on the atmospheric title track although the synth overload is broken up by a guitar solo on the flipside's opener 'This Is Heaven' which turns out to be the best of the three.

Lastly, the final cut 'Sorry' just doesn't do much for me. The vocals on this mediocre ballad sound tired and the hook just isn't there but having said this, overall the EP is a great start from a promising band that I hope will keep at it and go on to record full album's worth of material.

In Summary

OFC's MySpace page has downloads of all three songs plus a bunch of extras including an interview, in Spanish of course. Give 'em your support.

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