Blood Of The Sun - 2008 Death Ride

ARTIST: Blood Of The Sun
ALBUM: Death Ride
LABEL: Brainticket Records
YEAR: 2008

LINEUP: Derek St Holmes - vocals * Ty Tomkins - lead guitar * Eric Schmidt - rhythm guitar * Dave Gryder - hammond organ * Miguel Veliz - bass * Henry Vasquez - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 One More For The Ride * 02 Death Ride * 03 Edge Of The Sky * 04 Shine * 05 Rise From The Undergrouns * 06 The Witchin' Hour * 07 Bad Love * 08 Keep Going * 09 Rock And Roll Machine

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This is the Texans third offering, again released by Brainticket Records back in 2008. The biggest and best surprise in this CD is guest vocalist, Derek St Holmes. I take it that Mr St Holmes does not need an introduction on this site, as I am guessing everyone knows only too well his credentials.

Blood Of The Sun play classic hard prog/rock with a fantastic Hammond Organ, courtesy of Dave Gryder who previously played with Prog band Covenent. If you like your classic Deep Purple then Blood Of The Sun are their bastard sons.

The Songs

The CD kicks of with 'One More For The Ride', 5 minutes and 11 seconds of a full-on guitar and Hammond organ assault.

There is no let up when these guys get going. Following on from this we have the tittle track 'Death Ride' with Derek's vocals reminding me of St Paradise, this song really asserts itself, in fact the whole CD just pounds along in all its beauty and power.

The whole CD is built around Dave Gryers Hammond and Ty Tomkins guitar work. We have 'Edge Of The Sky', 'Rise From The Underground' and a storming version of Lucifer's Friend's 'Keep Going'. 'Bad Love' reminds me of some early Pat Travers with its intro and arrangement.

In Summary

This is a pedal to the floor CD, that does not let the listen catch their breath, there are no slow tempo songs on this bad boy. Derek's vocals only enhance this band and take it to another level.

The volume control on your amp should be turned up to the maximum level and let the power wash over you. Fans of Deep Purple, Niacin and Atomic Rooster should be advised to check out this band.

They have a new CD released last year called 'Burning On The Wings Of Desire' and with special guest appearance from fellow Texans Rusty Burns and John O'Daniel from Point Blank.

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