Faith Circus - 2008 Faith Circus

ARTIST: Faith Circus
ALBUM: Faith Circus
LABEL: Kivel Records
YEAR: 2008
CD REISSUE: 2013 Turn Up The Band bonus CD

LINEUP: Marc Farrano - lead vocals * Marius Morch - guitars * Lasse Koester - bass * Baard Nordvik - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Back On Love * 02 Can You Feel It * 03 Hold On * 04 Alive & Kickin' * 05 Temporary High * 06 Rain On You * 07 Tried And True * 08 Half The Man * 09 Pushing Up Daisies * 10 Without Me * 11 Wasted Rainbow

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Faith Circus is (was?) an outfit from Norway - I say 'was' because I'm finding conflicting reports on whether they are still together. Their excellent second album 'Turn Up The Band' came out in 2013. It contained a bonus disc with the entire debut album from 2008, with all 11 songs remixed and two bonus tracks added.

The track order was changed around on that disc as well. I guess the guys really wanted to make sure that album found any listeners who may have missed it the first time around. And for good reason - there is some pretty incredible stuff on here.

The Songs

These songs are firmly planted in the style of many fine bands of the mid 80's - very early 90's timeframe. I mentioned Winger in a comment on 'Turn Up The Band', and I'll throw Tyketto and early Black N Blue in there as well.

Marc Farrano has the perfect voice for this material, and the other guys nail that sound as though they stepped out of a time machine. I've played the album in both the original and the re-released order, and both are fine.

My favorite track on here is 'Temporary High', which actually has the most modern sound of these songs. But the quality is even throughout, with the general tempo being in the fast-middle to slower-middle range. They do this without ever sounding samey. Each song is solid both musically and lyrically.

In Summary

Suffice to say, if you enjoyed 'Turn Up The Band', you'll enjoy this. Actually you probably already have, since I'm sure you gave that second disc a proper spin. If you haven't gotten either, then definitely get the 2-for-1 'Turn Up The Band' package.

This comes highly recommended by me. George gave 'Turn Up The Band' a fine score of 8.5. Personally, I'd add a full point to that. And I think this one is right up there. So my 8.5 reflects that I consider this one to be as good as the followup, but I'd actually go as high as even 9.5 for each of them.

Yeah, I like these guys. I really hope they're not done, as I'd like them to get into the new album every 2-3 years pattern.

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