Motley Crue - Saints Of Los Angeles

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ARTIST: Motley Crue
ALBUM: Saints Of Los Angeles
LABEL: Motley Records (Eleven Seven)
YEAR: 2008

LINEUP: Vince Neill - vocals * Mick Mars - guitars * Nikki Sixx - bass * Tommy Lee - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 L.A.M.F * 02 Face Down In The Dirt * 03 What's It Gonna Take * 04 Down At The Whiskey * 05 Saints Of Los Angeles * 06 MF Of The Year * 07 The Animal In Me * 08 Welcome To The Machine * 09 Just Another Psycho * 10 Chicks = Trouble * 11 This Ain't A Love Song * 12 White Trash Circus * 13 Goin' Out Swinging

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The first album by the original lineup since 1997's ghastly 'Generation Swine', which really isn't saying much considering there has only been one album since, 2000's 'New Tattoo'.

'Saints Of LA' is based on the Crue book 'The Dirt' allegedly, and to be honest I think the stories of Motley's one time excesses has been driven into the dirt itself. The question is rather do the Crue still have anything to offer musically anymore?

Maybe. This was never likely to scale the heights of 'Too Fast For Love' or even 1994's self titled undeserved flop, but the band still packs the occasional punch within the 13 tracks here, which is admirable when looking at near death Mick Mars or the fad chasing Tommy Lee, who seems more into techno junk than hard rock in 2008.

The Songs

The album has a snotty punk rock vibe for the duration, with the odd excursion into 'Dr Feelgood' territory, witnessed by 'Down At The Whiskey', which is drenched in 1989 values and contains an effective chorus.

'Going Down Swinging' is a thrashy rocker, but it doesn't sound menacing, instead it comes off as a group of kids trying to sound tough playing in their garage. The opening riff of 'White Trash Circus' is Marilyn Manson all the way, the Crue trying to sound contemporary, even though Manson had his day years ago.

There's an edgy modern rock tone throughout, cue 'Motherfucker Of The Year' and its forced rebellion, but the hook is catchy and a highlight. The title track was the obvious single, another 'Feelgood' throwback and heads above the dreary 'Animal In Me', a weak modern rocker.

Sixx explores some kind of limp punk fetish on 'Face Down In The Dirt', with obnoxious vocals and riffs. He balances it out with more traditional moments like 'Chicks=Trouble', which is a fine hard rock track, more suited to Crue's strengths, with an AC/DC approach instead.

In Summary

Hardly an album to obsess over, but short enough to easily sit through and most of the tracks have lasting melodic appeal. Most of these songs will never see the light of day live, which is a shame as I'd sooner hear any of these than the tired classics if I was a major fan.

This did reasonable sales during its first week on the charts which proves someone is still interested in new Crue. I'd prefer something with more of a serious metal edge to it instead of the half baked punk direction crossed with modern rock techniques. When they do play it closer to home it's always in the 1989 style. What about 1981 instead? Or 1983? Too late sadly.

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