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ARTIST: Gary Hughes
ALBUM: Veritas
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2007

LINEUP: Gary Hughes - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, production * John Halliwell, Chris Francis, Johnny Gibbons - guitars * Rick Stewart, Simon Brayshaw - bass * Dave Ingledew, Jason Robinson - drums * Hayley Hughes, Scott Hughes, Matthew Foy, Jason Thanos - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Veritas * 02 See Love Through My Eyes * 03 In My Head * 04 Time To Pray * 05 Wide Awake In Dreamland * 06 I Pray For You * 07 Synchronicity * 08 Strange * 09 All I Want Is You * 10 I Know Its Time * 11 The Emerald Sea * 12 The Everlasting Light

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British singer Gary Hughes first came to our attention via his 1990 debut 'Strength Of Heart' (Mercury) and his self-titled second album for Now And Then during 1992. I can't remember anything at all about those two, consigned to the foggy back corner of my memory bank. I may get to those two at some point, but in the meantime I'll put my attention to his 2007 effort 'Veritas'.

I won't dig deep into Gary's past, I'll do that on his debut album when I get to review it. During the early 2000's, Gary was signed to Frontiers Records having released 3 albums before this one: 'Precious Ones' (1998) and 'Once And Future King' Parts I and II (both 2003).

While his solo career appeared to be intermittent, he was kept busy with his day job with the band Ten who were also signed to Frontiers. 'Veritas' was released when that band went into hiatus between 2007 and 2011.

Now let it be said that I am not a big fan of Ten nor Gary's vocal style. I think I've made that very clear in some of my reviews of that band so it shouldn't come as a shock to many of you who read this article. To be honest I'm really only reviewing this album to fill up the numbers in our 2007 category. This one drew the short straw.

The Songs

This is fairly robust material, it's not as wimpy or melodic as those aforementioned albums which sit squarely in AOR territory. 'Veritas' is closer in style to Ten, but I find the vocals don't jump out at you like a Jorn Lande or a Russell Allen does. Very rarely does Gary hit the high notes, operating mostly in the mid-range.

Whoever is playing the drums on this needs a kick up the arse. Or maybe the person who recorded and mixed them does. They are effin' awful. In places they sound like a rapid fire machine gun. With 12 songs up for grabs at a run-time of 63 minutes, it's too much to sit through. I can't even recommend anything.

In Summary

The problem I have is the pleasant inoffensive vocal singing over the top of some ripping hard rock. It doesn't quite make for a good fit. I prefer to listen to those first couple of Ten albums from the mid 90's. Funnily enough we haven't written those up yet so there's a task that needs to be done.

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