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ALBUM: Doom Of Destiny
LABEL: AFM Records
YEAR: 2007

LINEUP: Bernhard Weiss - vocals, guitars * Marco Wriedt - guitars * Harry Ollers - keyboards, guitars * Rob Schomaker - bass * Andre Hilgers - drums

Guest/Session Musicians: Lars Vollmer - saxophone * Lakonia - vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Voices Of Destiny * 02 Doom Of Destiny [Arabia] * 03 Better Fate * 04 Blood Angel * 05 I Hear You Cry * 06 The Fire Still Burns * 07 Father, Father * 08 Revolutions * 09 She Got Nine Lives * 10 Devilish Belle * 11 Astoria * 12 Engel Aus Hass

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Dortmund's Axxis has a long and storied career going back to the late 80's. At this juncture point in 2007, this album represented the eleventh release of their career. They had released albums pretty regularly from 1989 all the way through, but strangely they are under-represented on this website, we only have one review for them (from 2017) but we will undertake a retrospective look at their previous releases in the future. It's now in the schedule.

Axxis has this tendency to mix up their sound. One moment they can be heavy metal the next they can be melodic hard rock plus they can also do fairly decent ballads as well. On this album, they even throw in a saxophone, which draws a furrowed brow from yours truly. Again some of you will know my displeasure of most things saxophone in a hard rock environment, though I have made a few exceptions over the years.

However, the overriding theme is the dual male and female vocals which combine to become an operatic metal album, something I believe is not really Axxis' forte. My guess is that they were persuaded to give it a go because it was a very popular sub-genre of metal at the time.

The Songs

The opening duo of 'Voices Of Destiny' and 'Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)' are paired together, the intro segueing into the latter. The title track is an absolute battering ram, but the co-lead vocals of female guest singer Lakonia turned this into a Nightwish copycat which wasn't a good idea. 'Better Fate' took this style to a new high. Some might enjoy the operatic style, I didn't.

Much better is 'Blood Angel' which is a return to rampant Teutonic metal. This is what it's all about. 'I Hear You Cry' has the potential to be a useful track with some Scorpions meets Zeno guitar work, but those dueling vocals just killed the mood.

'The Fire Still Burns' was an interesting ballad with Queen like passages through the middle but then the sax was unleashed. I hit the next button for immediate relief. 'Father Father' sees the band accelerate to a faster tempo. The guitars are iron-cast but the vocals don't sit well at all.

'Revolutions' was a decent enough hard rock track, but 'She Got Nine Lives' is probably the best track just for the fact it was so different and catchy, especially the singalong chorus. The coarse sounding 'Devilish Belle' was also a decent workout.

The regal introduction to 'Astoria' belies the fire and fury to follow. Axxis seem to be saving the best till last. Album closer 'Engel Aus Hass' (translates to Angel Of Hate) is a bombastic finale, taking the operatic vocals to (hitherto) angelic heights.

In Summary

I'm not really sure what Axxis was trying to achieve on this record. When they stuck to a tried and true form of heavy metal that everyone recognised, it works. But when they get tricky and undertake neoclassical meets opera styled metal, confusion kicks in. It certainly did for me.

I'll go out on a limb and say that this operatic thing wasn't really Axxis' calling card, but at least they gave it a shot. I will now go and investigate albums on either side of this one to see where they were at. More to follow.

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