Horizon (France/Germany) - 2004 Worlds Apart

ARTIST: Horizon (France/Germany)
ALBUM: Worlds Apart
LABEL: Massacre Records
YEAR: 2004

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: image image
LINEUP: Patrick Hemer - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards * J.P. Giraldi - keyboards * Krissy Friedrich - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Burning Hunger * 02 Always A Stranger * 03 Edge Of Insanity * 04 When The Night Falls * 05 Brainwashed * 06 Hell Or High Water * 07 The Black Mark * 08 Mercy * 09 Backstabber * 10 S & M


A French/Germanic collaboration? Something you don't see too often. I was quite impressed with Horizon's debut, which was nicely varied melodic rock/metal album with good vocals and impressive guitar work by Patrick Hemer.

So I was eager to get my teeth into the follow up 'World's Apart'. But alas, I have to announce severe disappointment upon hearing the new album. What on earth were they thinking when producing this album?

Firstly, it is difficult to hear Patrick's voice as it is mixed very low, as are the backing vocals. Apart from the guitars everything sounds under-produced. If someone like Fredrik Nordstrom had mixed this album we could have been talking one of the albums of the year.

The Songs

If you take the time to look past the production issues you'll find a number of high quality melodic metal tracks, such as the Misha Calvin like 'Always A Stranger', the groovy 'Edge Of Insanity' with some killer lead guitar, and the cool ballad 'When the Night Falls'.

In Summary

Patrick's vocals are excellent and so is his guitar work. Pity it is mostly buried under a substandard production.

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