Ligeia - 2004 Gloria

ARTIST: Ligeia
ALBUM: Gloria
LABEL: Iron Glory Records/Massacre
YEAR: 2004

LINEUP: Dani Unglert - vocals * Jorg Mayer - guitars * Michael Sommer - bass * Roland Klein - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Mistress Of The Night * 02 Angelwitch * 03 Gloria * 04 Heaven Is Hell * 05 Walpurgisnight * 06 Last Desire * 07 Beyond The Sky * 08 Wings Of Fire * 09 Light Of The Gods * 10 Silence


Ligeia, a German quartet named after an Edgar Allen Poe novel, offer up Doro Pesch/Warlock styled crunchy melodic metal. There isn't anything original about them but I don't think Ligeia are too worried about that. They are content to 'keep it true', and that is exactly what they do.

The Songs

As you might have guessed vocalist Dani Unglert is a Doro sound-a-like, but not quite as convincing or controlled as the pint sized German legend. She should steer clear of the extreme metal growls, which you occasionally find on the album. Still, a reasonable effort. A surprising aspect to this album is the production, which is clear and crisp. The guitars and rhythm section are given a good 80's metal vibe thanks to the production.

In Summary

Ligeia won't reach any great heights, due to lack of originality and Dani's vocals, but they are one of many metal bands that do what they do to a pretty decent standard. Perhaps Warlock/Doro fans should check them out for curiosity sake but I doubt the mainstream metal masses will ever get to hear of Ligeia.

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