Without End - 2004 Without End

ARTIST: Without End
ALBUM: Without End
LABEL: Lone Wolf Music
YEAR: 2004

LINEUP: Nicholas Georgakopoulos - vocals, drums * Michael Totta - guitars, bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Again * 02 In Transit * 03 Analyze * 04 I Still Remember * 05 Searching for Meaning * 06 Descend * 07 Comfort Zone * 08 Compulsion * 09 The Third Day


You may have read my previous review of Without End's 4 track sampler. The band is based in Melbourne, Australia, a hotbed of good Australian metal bands such as Black Majesty and Vanishing Point.

Without End are a more than capable prog rock/metal act, but in my case their style doesn't hit the mark. However, that does not mean that they are not good at what they do, which they are.

The Songs

In my review for their sampler I mentioned that I found it difficult to make comparisons. That is mainly due to my penchant for prog metal being towards the bombastic styles of Symphony X, Pagan's Mind, that sort of thing.

Without End are more laid back, stripped down and very, very deep. I can hear a bit of Rush, a little Fates Warning, perhaps Tiles, and a touch of Queensryche. For the most part Without End display a liking for moody, reflective prog metal.

The vocals are quite understated and fit in well with the music. Without End are not extravagant, so there is no need for a high pitched, breaking-glass style vocalist, which Nick isn't.

In Summary

If you have heard and liked the sampler you will most likely enjoy the other songs that have been added to the full length debut album. You'll find all the sampler songs on the album as well. I still have a little issue with the production, which could be beefier.

For an Aussie band playing this style of prog metal I think Without End have done a pretty good job, though most of their complex music goes way over my head (it must be more prog than metal then Luigi? Ed). Still a band worth investigating.

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