Starz - 2004 Back In Action [DVD]

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ALBUM: Back In Action [DVD]
LABEL: GB Music/Starzongo
YEAR: 2004

LINEUP: Michael Lee Smith - vocals * Richie Ranno - guitars * Brendan Harkin - guitars * George Di Ana - bass * Joe X Dube - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 (She's Just A) Fallen Angel * 02 Monkey Business * 03 Detroit Girls * 04 Rock Six Times * 05 Subway Terror * 06 Nitecrawler * 07 Tear It Down * 08 She * 09 Any Way That You Want It * 10 Cherry Baby * 11 Pull The Plug * 12 Violation * 13 Cool One * 14 Waiting On You * 15 Coliseum Rock * 16 It's A Riot * 17 So Young, So Bad * 18 Outfit * 19 Boys In Action


From the time I was in regular email contact with Richie Ranno back in 1999, I remember there being hints and rumours about a possible Starz reunion and tour. That was exciting enough, but to finally see one of melodic hard rock's finest acts make a long awaited return to the stage is pretty emotional stuff. 2003 was the year and The Wreck Room was the smallish club about to be invaded - the DVD begins.

The Songs

With the camera panning across the roadies making last minute adjustments around the stage area by torchlight, with the Wreck Room beginning to fill up to bursting point. As Starz take the stage to deliver 'Fallen Angel', the emotion is tangible from both the audience and the band, and in fact never stops throughout the performance.

All the hits get a thorough working over and despite the stage being tiny, there's an aura of big-time stadium rock permanently coming through with the big Starz logo blazing behind the kit and the band playing like they mean it.

Highlights are everywhere, but 'Subway Terror' and 'Nitecrawler' must be singled out for the genuinely intimidating delivery from Smith, even asking for the house lights to be turned off 'let's get it dark in here'.

'Cherry Baby', 'It's A Riot', 'So Young So Bad' and 'Outfit' are all perfectly nailed, both Ranno and Harkin wailing on guitar and the vocal attack strong and convincing. Who could ever forget one of rock's classic lyrics 'Come on Theresa and let me in / to your outfit'

In Summary

If you feel that your belief in melodic rock and roll could do with an upgrade, this is the tonic - uncomplicated, good time hard rock played by one of the true 70's legends. It's no small achievement to make a small club gig come across like a big stadium headline show, but the do it with humour, sincerity and passion.

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