Edguy - 2006 Rocket Ride

ALBUM: Rocket Ride
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
SERIAL: NB 1600-2
YEAR: 2006

LINEUP: Tobias Sammet - vocals * Jens Ludwig - guitars * Dirk Sauer - guitars * Tobias 'Eggi' Exxel - bass * Felix Bohnke - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Sacrifice * 02 Rocket Ride * 03 Wasted Time * 04 Matrix * 05 Return To The Tribe * 06 The Asylum * 07 Save Me * 08 Catch Of The Century * 09 Out Of Vogue * 10 Superheroes * 11 Trinidad * 12 Fucking With Fire

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Edguy are one of the most hilarious bands around. Now, I don't mean their music makes me laugh, but these guys are quite the jokers and can even take a joke.

There was a rumour going around that Tobias was getting a sex change. In response he said 'Of course after the success of Nightwish, Within Temptation and Evanescence we sat down to discuss what kind of sacrifice we'd have to make to hit big time with this new album'.

The operation would not have been necessary as 'Rocket Ride' hit both the German and Swedish official charts at #8. Now that is a damn good result for a melodic metal band in today's musical climate.

On a more serious note Edguy are tackling the issue of music piracy in their own way - by talking over every single song, every couple of minutes, on the promo's sent out. I can understand their frustrations but perhaps it could be toned down a bit.

Regardless I managed to hear enough of 'Rocket Ride' to determine that Edguy can do no wrong now and it will be me who has the sex change to become an Edguy groupie. Hold on, I already am.

The Songs

Like its predecessor 'Rocket Ride' is an instant album. Apart from a brief intro on 'Sacrifice' there is no waiting around for things to happen. The album blasts off like a rocket (had to say it...) and doesn't stop until we hit 'Fucking With Fire'.

The only blemish being 'Trinidad'. A poor track in relation to the rest of the album. Ok, so they're not perfect, but pretty bloody close.

Though most of the songs are hard rock, tracks such as 'Return To The Tribe' and 'Out Of Vogue' prove the band haven't completely ditched their faster metal roots, complete with those big choruses. My attention was mainly drawn to the in-your-face pounding of 'Rocket Ride', 'Catch Of The Century', 'Wasted Time' and 'Fucking With Fire', a true hard rock anthem.

'Superheroes' is a mix of a gothic hard rock riff and keyboards and a very singable chorus. In the past the ballads from Edguy have let me down a little, but 'Save Me' blew me away. Awesome stuff.

In Summary

Since 1992 the band have developed from a traditional metal band, to symphonic melodic metallers, to todays streamlined, hook heavy, melody drenched hard rock act. What the hell are they going to do next, go prog-metal? I'm sure it would be friggin' good as well.

Just like their last opus 'Rocket Ride' has delivered a big kick to the nether-regions. And I'm sure it is going to sound even better once I get a proper version without all that damn talking.

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