Bloodbound - 2006 Nosferatu

ARTIST: Bloodbound
ALBUM: Nosferatu
LABEL: Metal Heaven
YEAR: 2006

LINEUP: Urban Breed - vocals * Tomas Olsson - guitars * Fredrik Bergh - keyboards, bass * Oskar Belin - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Behind The Moon * 02 Into The Dark * 03 Nosferatu * 04 Metal Monster * 05 Crucified * 06 Desdemonamelia * 07 Fallen From Grace * 08 Screams In The Night * 09 For The King * 10 Midnight Sun * 11 On The Battlefield

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So Urban Breed has left Tad Morose. Bugger, bugger, and bugger again. 'Modus Vivendi', their last album, was a killer and I was really looking forward to the next one. But all is not lost for Urban Breed fans. No, no, no. He has teamed up with Street Talk's Fredrik Bergh and Tomas Olsson on 'Nosferatu', for this, the first album by Bloodbound.

And he sounds just as good, if not better, than on 'Modus Vivendi', using ranges I didn't think he had. I got quite a shock when I saw the band pictures. Dressed up like the extreme metal band Dimmu Borgir, I was wondering how these guys could go from melodic metal and AOR roots to (if you take the pictures at face value) a black metal band?

Fear not, don't judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, a band by the make-up they wear. Bloodbound is far from extreme with their feet firmly planted in the land of melodic metal along with Iron Maiden, At Vance, Nocturnal Rites, and Helloween.

There will be the detractors who say that 'Nosferatu' is one of those albums where you've heard it all before, and in some ways they would be correct. If I'm reading the band right I do not think that they want to re-invent the wheel. Like Dream Evil they are comfortable with what they're doing, and are very good at it.

The songs are fairly typical melodic metal but where Bloodbound standout from the crowd is in their choruses, delivery and the production. I'm sure that the huge harmony choruses can be attributed to Fredrik and Tomas' love for AOR and melodic rock, as displayed on their Street Talk albums.


The Songs

Bloodbound set out to write melodic heavy metal music and that is precisely what we get. The influences, or comparison's, are quite clear. Iron Maiden appear to be a big influence as their mark can be heard on a number of riffs, particularly on the tracks 'Behind The Moon', 'Nosferatu' and 'Screams In The Night'. If it isn't them then its Helloween, as on 'Fallen From Grace'.

The vocal cadence is very similar to 'Dr. Stein'. There's a massive chorus on 'Crucified', a mix of Helloween and At Vance. 'Desdemonamelia' takes a Nocturnal Rites path with a crunchy riff, while 'Midnight Sun' again attracts At Vance comparisons. Aussie melodic metal starlets Black Majesty come to mind on 'Metal Monster', and the track lives up to its title.

In Summary

'Nosferatu' is an impressive album from a performance and song-writing point of view. However, I have concerns regarding the bands decision to use the extreme metal makeup and imagery.

From a marketing perspective I believe this could seriously backfire. If I had had a look at the album in a store and seen the band I would have chucked it back in without hesitation.

By having a bit of a chuckle the band may just drive away the very fans that would normally buy Bloodbound's style of metal. This would indeed be a shame as Bloodbound are already a shining light in the early days of 2006.

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