7 Days - 2006 The Weight Of The World

ARTIST: 7 Days
ALBUM: Weight Of The World
LABEL: Rivel Records
YEAR: 2006

LINEUP: Markus Sigfridsson - guitars, keyboards, programming * Thomas Vikstrom - vocals * Andreas Olsson - bass * Daniel Flores - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Redeemer * 02 Confession * 03 The Darkest Winter * 04 Fall Again * 05 Where Are You * 06 The Weight Of The World * 07 Save Me * 08 With You Forever * 09 Wisdom Calls

RATING: image


Markus Sigfridsson came to our attention with the release of the debut Harmony album 'Dreaming Awake' back in 2003. The next 3 years have not been idle ones for Markus. He has been working solidly on a new Harmony album, the debut album for another of his bands - Darkwater, and of course the album in the limelight for this review, 7 Days.

Obviously not busy enough he has a side business going designing album covers, such as those for Divinefire, Heartcry, Audiovision, Harmony and 7 Days.

7 Days started out as a vehicle for getting songs out that didn't fit the mould with his other bands. Markus brought onboard ex Harmony bassist Andreas Olsson who helped get a Glory Daze favourite involved, drummer Daniel Flores. An introduction by Christian Rivel (Rivel Records) to Thomas Vikstrom, another GD fave, cemented the vocal spot. Christian also offered 7 Days to join his label, which they did, and here we have their debut 'The Weight Of The World'.

The Songs

The Harmony album was a very solid release and I expected as much from 7 Days, but to be honest this album is quite a step up from 'Dreaming Awake'. I shouldn't compare the bands as they really are two different entities but the production and songwriting, which Markus handles for both bands, are stronger and tighter on 'The Weight Of The World'.

Enlisting top professionals such as Vikstrom, Flores and Olsson helps, as the whole affair is delivered in a slick and enticing manner. The band are touted as symphonic melodic metal and there are definite moments of grandiose keyboards and choirs but not as symphonic as I was expecting. My impression is a mix of Lions Share and Section A.

The riffs have that Lars Criss crunch and Markus shows just as much feeling as Torben Enevoldsen with the soloing. Though Markus, Daniel and Andreas have woven a strong tapestry, the vocal work of Thomas really caps everything off.

The pace of the album is fairly mid tempo with the faster, rockier tracks such as 'Redeemer' and 'Confession' appearing at the beginning. In other words the album gets more progressive and darker towards the end. The choruses are more stated on some tracks more than others but they are all engaging.

In Summary

With this album fans of Thomas Vikstrom will get further reminding of why he is regarded as a premier rock vocalist. If you haven't heard him before, this album will make you scurry around looking for more of his work.

'The Weight Of The World' indicates that Sigfridsson has used the past 3 years wisely. It is a thoughtful album with enough nuances to keep prog metal fans happy and plenty of melody to grab the attention of melodic metal enthusiasts.

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