Liberty N Justice - 2006 Soundtrack Of A Soul

ARTIST: Liberty N Justice
ALBUM: Soundtrack Of A Soul
SERIAL: 0681-158
YEAR: 2006

LINEUP: Justin Murr and friends

TRACK LISTING: 01 Intro * 02 Kings of Hollywood (Ez Gomer of Jet Circus) * 03 Another Nail (Sebastian Bach) * 04 State of Grace (Russell Arcara of Surgin/Prophet/Arcara) * 05 Malice in Wonderland (Jamie Rowe of Guardian) * 06 Grenade (Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride) * 07 Show Me The Way (Oni Logan of Lynch Mob) * 08 Sight Unseen (Leif Garrett) * 09 Up That Hill (Josh Kramer of Saint) * 10 Surreal (Scott Wenzel of White Cross) * 11 Flinch (Tony Harnell of TNT/Starbreaker) * 12 Thy Will Be Done (Mark Slaughter of Slaughter & Pete Loran of Trixter) * 13 Killer Grin (Stephen Pearcy of Ratt) * 14 If The World Could Be Mine (Joe Cerisano of Silver Condor/Trans-Siberian Orchestra) * 15 Always Tomorrow (Ted Poley of Danger Danger) * 16 Hope & Pray / Ballad of King David (Phil Naro of Talas / Peter Criss Band) * 17 Make Believe (Mike Lee of Barren Cross) * 18 Outro

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In some form or another Liberty n' Justice has been around since 1991. Only Justin Murr survives from those days, and on many occasions over the past 15 years he has called upon his Christian faith to get him through the number of hard moments that have occurred along the way.

There were plenty of times when he thought seriously about giving music away but was continuously 'called' back. The premise for the past couple of Liberty N' Justice albums, including 'Soundtrack Of A Soul', is to get 'known' secular singers to sing Christian orientated songs. If you take the press leaflet at its word then this album will be pushed heavily with print advertising and a heap of radio play.

There is also the hope that the crossover appeal will be greater due to the secular/Christian mix. Now, yes there are plenty of so-called secular vocalists onboard, such as the odd choice of Sebastian Bach, Stephen Pearcy, Oni Logan, Tony Harnell and Ted Poley. However it would not surprise me to find that some of these guys already regarded themselves as Christian, regardless of playing in 'Christian' bands or not.

On the other had you have some of the big names of Christian melodic rock/metal taking part as well, such as Ez Gomer (Jet Circus), Dale & Troy Thompson (Bride), Josh Kramer (Saint) and Mike Lee (Barren Cross).

The Songs

So, what does it sound like to have Sebastian Bach or Ted Poley singing Christian songs. Well, no different to hearing them singing their usual stuff. Justin has tried to fit the singer with the song that best suits their voice.

Mr. Bach gets the heaviest track and though it suffers from a so-so production it is pretty good. Oni Logan does an admirable job with his modern rock track, but the Tony Harnell song has very little going for it. Modern and boring I'm afraid.

Surprisingly the Mark Slaughter/Pete Loran combination works well. Good song too. Stephen Pearcy sounds fine on another of the heavier tracks while Ted Poley is right at home on his melodic power ballad.

Of all the secular singers the one that sounded the best was Russell Arcara. Why the hell isn't this guy still singing AOR/Melodic rock? Awesome voice and a very good song.

Guess I can't go without mentioning the other guys as well. As with the secular singers there is a mix of hard rockers and softer ballads spread amongst the Christian vocalists. Jamie Rowe (Guardian/Adriangale) sounds amazing, as does Joe Cerisano (Silver Condor). Perhaps the biggest surprise was Leif Garrett. Not a great song to work with but he can still belt it out.

Across the board everyone sounded damn good but the album suffers from a patchy production with little consistency in quality from track to track. Quite a surprise when you see that Mike Layne, best known for his work with Leaderdogs and Mudvayne, handles production.

In Summary

Will this album bridge the divide between secular and Christian rock that the press release is hoping? I very much doubt it. 16 tracks is great value for money but a shorter track list comprising the very best songs and a larger production budget would have served the album better.

I would regard 'Soundtrack Of A Soul' as one of those albums that people say is 'For Fans Only'. Some good stuff but not enough to keep most people happy.

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