Shining Star - Enter Eternity

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ARTIST: Shining Star
b>ALBUM: Enter Eternity
b>LABEL: Nightmare Records
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Lance King - vocals * Fabio Rocha - guitars * Kuky Sanchez - bass * Dinno Zampier - keyboards * Juliano Collombo - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Nightmare * 02 Insanity * 03 From Now On * 04 Dangerous Game * 05 Insomnia * 06 Never Too Late * 07 Just A Man * 08 No More * 09 Lady of the Night * 10 Travel Through Time



Formed by Fabio Rocha, a Brazilian guitar instrumentalist of some note as far back as 2001, Shining Star finally get their long-awaited second album released through Nightmare Records in late 2005.

Shining Star would have had this album out in 2003 if they had not fallen victim to an unscrupulous South American label, Frontline, who never fronted up with the studio and production costs.

Luckily they had a generous soul in the singer for the album, Lance King, who dug deep into his own pocket to cover the costs. Now three years on the band and Lance have worked things out so that 'Enter Eternity' could get released, through Lance's own label Nightmare Records.

The Songs

Shining Star took me down a few interesting paths throughout 'Enter Eternity'. My expectations were formed by the inclusion of Lance King who has recently sung on some high-end prog/power releases, so I figured Shining Star would be much of the same.

That held true for the first couple of tracks, but not for the whole album. Opener 'Nightmare' had me thinking along my initial thoughts with its heavy Symphony X riffs and proggy feel. Tad Morose are one of my current faves and 'Insanity' takes on a TM persona with a brooding atmosphere.

I was kept on my toes by 'From Now On'. The track begins with big stabbing keyboards and guitars, so I was thinking we've got a bit of Supreme Majesty going on here. Not so, at least in the verses which are dark and heavy. Then the choruses surprise again as the music moves in a European heavy melodic rock direction. The keys are ever-present throughout and the lead work by Fabio is very good.

Into the middle portion of the album and we get a couple of excellent hard rockers. A blazing guitar solo introduces 'Dangerous Game' and the track brings back memories of Yngwie J Malmsteen's 'Magnum Opus/Seventh Sign' era.

'Insomnia' is pure melodic hard rock with a sharp riff, great chorus and strong melodies. One of the strongest tracks is the power ballad 'Never Too Late'. Lance is in great shape and the chorus makes you want to get your lighter out.

I don't know if Fabio is a fan of Tad Morose but once again we get that slightly doomy but hard as nails sound coming through on 'Just A Man'. From Tad Morose we move further south in Europe and encounter the PC69 tinged 'No More', though a ton more keys than they would use.

The shining star (pun intended) on this track is Fabio with his immense melodic soloing. Lights are dimmed for 'Lady Of The Night' a fine melodic metal power ballad, before 'Travel Through Time' ends precedings on a moody prog metal note.

In Summary

At first I wasn't quite sure how to take 'Enter Eternity', the album initially washing over me. But I stuck with it, as the band did, and am now very impressed. Great to see another band screwed by their label keep at it and kudos to Lance King, both for his vocals and the balls to put his money where his mouth is by paying the bills.

I'd rate this album even higher if the material was more consistent across the board and the production was less muddy on the drums and bass. Nothing extreme but it could have sounded better. Good album by a tight professional outfit. Not quite a shining star, but very close to it.

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