Dawn Rider - Fate Is Calling: Part 1

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ARTIST: Dawn Rider
ALBUM: Fate Is Calling: Part 1
LABEL: Massacre Records
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Tarek Maghary - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards * Vocals - James Rivera, Rob Rock, Charly Steinhauer, Andreas Babuschkin, Michael Seifert, Juergen Aumann, Sven D'Anna, Bryan Patrick, Johanna Mott, Thomas Nikolai, Oliver Weinsheimer * Guitars - Ross The Boss, Mark Shelton, Rolf Munkes, Bjoern Daigger, Phil Tempel, Chris Heun, Gianluca Silvi, Davide Natali * Drums - Jan Raddatz, Michael Gruter, Peter Rotmeier

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Awakening Of Kerodet * 02 When Our Troops Unite * 03 They Conquered * 04 Fate Is Calling * 05 The Final Trial * 06 Guarding The Gate * 07 Awaiting The Night * 08 Gift Of Dawn * 09 Assassin * 10 Dawnrider * 11 Master Of The Black * 12 Revenge * 13 Parce Is Free



While getting promo albums is often a thrill, regardless of the content, sometimes they are a burden. That is the case here as Dawn Rider is a concept album devised by Majesty mastermind Tarek 'MS' Maghary. And, like most metal concept albums these days, there are a whole host of musicians involved.

'Fate Is Calling' is no exception. However, my promo is only a cardboard slipcase job so has no info regarding the musicians. I have found a list of those involved by using the net, but it doesn't list which songs they play on. Not even the Dawn Rider website has that information. Bloody useless, in my opinion.

The Songs

What I can tell you that the vocalists used include Rob Rock, James Rivera, Andreas Babuschkin (Paragon), Michael Seifert (Rebellion / Black Destiny) and the operatic female vocals of Johanna Mott (Midnight Symphony).

Now that we have established that there is some credible talent onboard we can look at how this ensemble has performed. Style-wise 'Fate Is Calling' is run-of-the-mill melodic true metal and to be honest, does very little for me. Performances are decent, but the songs fail to have the get-up-and-go that you would expect from this type of metal.

The project is also hampered by a muddy, lifeless production. Apparently, the album will be more enjoyable after reading the fantasy novel that Tarek is writing which corresponds to the album's concept. If this is any indication then I will be giving the book a miss.

In Summary

Dawn Rider just does not cut the mustard. Massacre Records royally screwed up with the release of the latest Razorback album, and though Dawn Rider is nowhere near that bad, it is another blemish on Massacre's recent release record.

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