Square One - 2005 Supersonic

ARTIST: Square One
ALBUM: Supersonic
LABEL: Stay Gold/Art Union Japan
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Jason Old - vocals, guitars * Stevie Janevski - guitars, vocals * Mikal Saleta - guitars, vocals * Steve Burns - bass, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Tonight * 02 Sweet September * 03 Wings To Fly * 04 Hazy * 05 Love Struck Melody * 06 Free Flow Feeling * 07 Colour Me Blue * 08 Dizzy Colour Blind * 09 Supersonic * 10 Ups And Downs * 11 Rock N Roll Hysteria * 12 Seven Witches (Bonus Japanese) * 13 Always With You



The road to getting 'Supersonic' released has been a rocky one for Square One. Previously known as 40 Alexander, the band released a few demos back in 2001 and then changed their name in 2003.

With band members sourced from other Aussie outfits such as Safire, Cyclone Tracy and Black Majesty, Square One were slowly but surely picking up momentum courtesy of their modern pop/rock demos and some well-timed publicity from Wimpwire.com main-man John 'Dokken' Janevski.

Signing with Now and Then Records in 2004 seemed to be the perfect partnership. A seemingly solid melodic rock label, Now and Then surprised everyone by going belly up in 2005. Bugger. It showed that no-one is safe in the fickle world of melodic rock.

As the band name suggests, and the pun is intended, the guys were back at Square One. I actually thought the album was dead in the water, but suddenly I get an email from Steve saying the album will be released in Japan in late 2005. Good news for the band, and for fans of acoustic-driven melodic power pop/rock.

The Songs

If you are looking for an album to cruise the coast with on a breezy summer's day, look no further than 'Supersonic'. This album delivers instantly singable choruses and simple but engaging melodies. Square One successfully combine their Australian influenced sound but also a feel that is very commercial and international.

This is an album and band that could make the grade in a number of different markets, whether it be their backyard of Australia, Scandinavia, or even the US. With that down-under connection similarities can be found to Invertigo and Savage Garden, but I can also hear New Zealand band Zed and the American bands Crimson Rain, former acoustic rockers Mr. Reality and Nelson. Perhaps even a smidgen of latter-day Harem Scarem.

In Summary

As far as I know the album has not had an official release outside of Japan yet, but the band is selling the album from their website so you don't have to fork out big bucks to get it.

But this is definitely an album that would be worth picking up. If the big wigs in the music industry decided to forego their search for one-hit wonders/image merchants and promoting music that has depth, pure talent and staying power, then they should start with Square One.

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