Eternal Reign - Forbidden Path

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ARTIST: Eternal Reign
ALBUM: Forbidden Path
LABEL: Limb Music Products
SERIAL: LMP 0502-075 CD
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Dirk Stuhmer - vocals * Torsten Funfhaus - guitars * Michael Sebastian - guitars * Bjorn Meyer - keyboards * Jorg Hassel - bass * Andre Genuit - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Gate To Infinity * 02 Light The Light * 03 Into My Own Hands * 04 The Final Call * 05 Edge Of The World * 06 Les Reves En Plastique * 07 Forbidden Path * 08 Losing Ground * 09 Set The Sails * 10 Nightstalker * 11 Ten Seconds In



If I'm correct these northern German's are based in Bremen, which happens to be where my mum is from. So I've always been interested in hearing something from these guys.

Their debut 'Crimes Of Passion' has a great rep, but getting a copy of it is as easy as getting into a Motorhead show wearing a Britney Spears t-shirt. Therefore I cannot make a comparison with 'Crimes of Passion', but 'Forbidden Path' stands alone as a quality melodic metal release.

The Songs

German they may be, but Eternal Reign doesn't strike you as Deutsch. One of the tracks is a cover of Breaker's 'Ten Seconds In', apparently a strong influence on the band. I'm not familiar with that US band but to me, Eternal Reign exhibit the old school American metal sound, very similar to that found on the self-titled album by Vicious Rumors.

Some of the choruses sound very VR, such as 'Nightstalker'. Vocalist Dirk Stuhmer definitely isn't your typical high pitched German vocalist, showing off a strong mid to high range voice similar to the late Carl Albert. Now, when they do sound a touch German it is mostly like the heavy-hitting Brainstorm.

In Summary

Whether 'Forbidden Path' is a step up from their debut is impossible for me to say, unless someone would be kind enough to send me a copy of 'Crimes Of Passion'.

Amongst some of the superb melodic metal albums already released in 2005, Eternal Reign may become lost in the mix, but that would be a shame as 'Forbidden Path' has a number of excellent tracks such as the title track, 'Edge of the World' and the aforementioned 'Nightstalker'.

Not an absolute belter of an album but Eternal Reign are heading along the right path.

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