Crimsonfire - Three Track Sampler

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ARTIST: Crimsonfire
ALBUM: Three Track Sampler (Demo)
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Louie Gorgievski - vocals * Anthony Tabone - guitars * Dianne Melichar - keyboards * Paul Yoannidis - bass * Domenic Pinto - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Age Of Aquarius * 02 Empire Of Fear * 03 Eternal Days



Damn Aussies. What the hell is it about Australia and everything they touch turns to Gold (mostly). Being a Kiwi it is irritating to see Australians doing well, usually at the expense of a New Zealand sports team. However, when it comes to melodic metal NZ can't even come close to competing.

Firstly, New Zealand has maybe a handful of melodic metal bands in the entire country, whereas Melbourne alone can boast 5 world-class bands - Black Majesty, Vanishing Point, Eyefear, Pegazus, and now Crimsonfire. The quintet are about to release their debut album and if this 3 track sampler is any indication they're going to set the world on Crimsonfire (corny, I know).

The Songs

Crimsonfire originated in 1997 from the musical liaison between guitarist, Anthony Tabone and keyboard player, Dianne Melichar. Next on board was vocalist Louie Gorgievski. Then came Domenic and Paul. This lineup has been stable for the past few years and the tightness is clearly evident throughout the 3 tracks on offer. The band had always intended to create varied melodic, orchestral power/prog metal.

'Age Of Aquarius' (not the 60's song), 'Empire Of Fear' and 'Eternal Days' each have their own style, keeping the listener very interested. I can hear similarities to fellow Melbourn-ites Black Majesty (the faster moments) and Vanishing Point, but also Edenbridge and Kamelot in regards to the keyboards and orchestration.

Production duties are handled by Endel Rivers, so the sound is top-notch. Just one other comment. Vocalist Louie has an awesome voice. What is it about Melbourne and great singers - John (Black Majesty), Silvio (Vanishing Point), Danny (Eyefear), and now Louie.

In Summary

There are few samples on offer at their website, including ones not on this sampler. To give me a better idea of how the album would run I downloaded the samples and listened in the same order as the album's tracklisting. After doing that I'm confident the debut is going to rank pretty highly on peoples 'wants' lists.

No firm release date yet, but it better not be far off as Crimsonfire are the real deal. Perhaps an Aussie assault on Wacken is on the cards with countrymen Black Majesty and Vanishing Point? I could just see it, 50,000 German metalheads yelling 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi Oi Oi'.God Help Us, Ed.

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