Allen/Lande - The Battle

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ARTIST: Allen/Lande
ALBUM: The Battle
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2005

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LINEUP: Russell Allen - vocals * Jorn Lande - vocals * Jaime Salazar - drums * Magnus Karlsson - guitars, bass, keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Another Battle * 02 Hunter's Night * 03 Wish For A Miracle * 04 Reach A Little Longer * 05 Come Alive * 06 Truth of Our Time * 07 My Own Way * 08 Ask You Anyway * 09 Silent Rage * 10 Where Have The Angels Gone * 11 Universe Of Light * 12 The Forgotten Ones

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Oh boy, the anticipation began for this album long before I had heard a single note. Look at the musicians involved and I'm sure any other melodic metal fan would soon be standing in a puddle of their own drool. After you've mopped up your mess the mind begins working on what they might conjure up together.

Both Allen and Lande have a background in progressive metal. Would this collaboration follow the same path? Karlsson has done the neoclassical styled Last Tribe, and of course Starbreaker with Tony Harnell.

Considering Karlsson is the guitarist and main instrumentalist the songs do bear a resemblance to Last Tribe and some of the more melodic moments of Starbreaker. The odd Symphony X and Pink Cream 69 moments crop up which strengthen 'The Battle' as being a contender for album of the year.

The Songs

With the talent available you might ask how the songs are split amongst the vocalists. The answer is each does three songs and six are duets. And what a great bunch of tracks we get.

The ballad 'Reach A Little Longer' can only be described as beautiful. Has Jorn ever sounded this good. I doubt it. 'Wish For A Miracle' is one of the standouts, with a slightly progressive edge and both singers going for gold.

The same result occurs on 'Come Alive'. Again Jorn and Russell excel. And the chorus. A wet dream. Mr. Allen sounds right at home on 'Hunters Night', a Michael Romeo style riff that precedes yet another engaging chorus.

Russell's coup de grace is 'Ask You Anyway', a power ballad with fantastic keyboards and lead work from Magnus. One of the most interesting tracks is 'Where Have The Angels Gone', which has a Journey meets Masterplan sound. Well, that's how I hear it anyway. Drenched in melody and definitely a sing-a-long track.

Seeing that both boys shone on their respective ballads, it comes as no surprise that when they get together on the soulful 'The Forgotten Ones' it is just as memorable.

In Summary

There have been some, well, let's just say, interesting reviews for this album so far. In comparison to everything that those involved have done before 'The Battle' is, in my opinion, as good as if not better.

I guess they would have to walk on friggin' water to please some people. Me, I'm not that demanding. And who needs to be when you get an album this genuinely brilliant.

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