Razorback - Criminal Justice

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ARTIST: Razorback
ALBUM: Criminal Justice
LABEL: Massacre Records
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Stefan Berggren - vocals * Rolf Munkes - guitars * Chris Heun - guitars * Marcus 'Arschlecken oder was' Bielenberg - bass * Andre Hilgers - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Flame Still Burns * 02 It's Alright * 03 Big City Jungle * 04 Ain't A Perfect Day * 05 Criminal Justice * 06 Hard To Say Good Bye * 07 A Good Day To Die * 08 Vampire * 09 The Point Of No Return



If you read my review for Razorback's debut album 'Animal Anger' then you will be aware I didn't cuddle up to this band based on that effort. Though the album received a number of good reviews, I couldn't buy into it.

Sure, there were a couple of more than decent tracks, but as I said then I found it pretty dull. In 2005 we see their return and the sophomore release 'Criminal Justice'. Anyone hoping that the band would build on 'Animal Anger' is going to be sorely disappointed as Razorback has taken several steps backward and adopted a slow, moody, modern style of metal that bears very little resemblance to the debut.

The Songs

Now, I know I wasn't big on these guys already, but even I was wondering 'what the f*&#?' after trudging through the mire that is this album.

I always look for something good to say about a band/album, but 'Criminal Justice' has left me looking for negative, rather than positive, adjectives. If it wasn't for the sake of doing this review I would have ditched the album after the first couple of tracks.

In Summary

I find it astonishing that established and respected musicians such as Rolf Munkes, Stefan Berggren and Chris Heun could record an album so lifeless. The guys obviously feel that their style of metal is relevant in today's market, but who are they targeting. Certainly not the fans from the first album as the change in direction is too drastic.

Nor can I see fans of the modern style of metal getting into this as, to be honest, there are bands out there doing a much better job. In a nutshell, this album will not help to enhance their reputations, and shame on Massacre Records for releasing an album that is only 34 minutes long, no matter how bad it is.

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