Brainstorm - Liquid Monster

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ARTIST: Brainstorm
ALBUM: Liquid Monster
LABEL: Metal Blade
SERIAL: 3984-14526-2
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Andy B. Franck - vocals * Torsten 'Todde' Ihlenfeld - guitars, vocals * Milan 'Mille' Loncaric - guitars, vocals * Andreas Mailunder - bass * Dieter Bernert - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Worlds Are Comin' Through * 02 Inside The Monster * 03 All Those Words * 04 Lifeline * 05 Invisible Enemy * 06 Heavenly * 07 Painside * 08 Despair To Drown * 09 Mask Of Life * 10 Even Higher * 11 Burns My Soul * 12 Before The Dawn (DVDA)

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Well, what a year it has been for Andy B. Franck. Not only has he added vocals to another blistering album from Brainstorm, but the new Symphorce album is a winner as well. As I've found with Tad Morose, Brainstorm becomes more melodic and catchier with each release. I was mighty impressed by their last outing 'Soul Temptation' but 'Liquid Monster' has exceeded my expectations.

The Songs

Though I did state that Brainstorm have increased the melody and harmonies, particularly in the choruses, there is no escaping the fact that these guys are still a fairly heavy outfit. The riffs on show are still bombastic, crisp, and edgy without completely dominating the songs, which previous Brainstorm albums may have been guilty of.

Andy's vocals seem higher in the mix, illuminating what a fine voice and range he possesses. Whether the band is going full pelt on the likes of 'Even Higher' and 'Inside The Monster', or taking a slightly more commercial path with the Pink Cream 69 sounding 'Painside' and brilliant 'All Those Words', Andy's vocals fit in perfectly. However, the show stopper is the album's only ballad 'Heaven'. Quite a special track with Kamelot overtones.

In Summary

If it seems I've paid a little too much attention to Andy's vocals in this review, no offense is intended to the rest of the guys, who have also done a stellar job. With each release Brainstorm keep stepping up a gear and a level in class. Not sure where they can improve but right now they've got such a monster of an album that even King Kong wouldn't take it on.

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