Dreamland - Future's Calling

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ARTIST: Dreamland
ALBUM: Future's Calling
LABEL: Dockyard 1
SERIAL: DY100202
YEAR: 2005

LINEUP: Joacim Lundberg - vocals * Eric Rauti - guitars * Johan Eriksson - guitars * Mats Rendlert - bass * Marcus Skold - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Chance (intro) * 02 Hearts Like Lions * 03 A New Way * 04 Breaking The Chains * 05 Destiny * 06 Die Slowly * 07 Fade Away * 08 All For One * 09 Dreamland * 10 Future's Calling * 11 Blank Mind * 12 A New Dimension * 13 Repeating Supremacy (outro)



When I try to get a feel for a new band, I often check out the links on their website. Sometimes I find what a band has linked to is a good indication of their influences and sound. Taking a look at the links page on Dreamland's site you'll find Dream Evil, Hammerfall and Nocturnal Rites.

And guess what, Dreamland have a bit of all those bands in their sound. Mentored by Joacim Cans, from Hammerfall, the band have heavy-duty help, and Cans also provides backing vocals. Hence there is more than a touch of Hammerfall to Dreamland.

The Songs

The influence of Cans doesn't end there as vocalist Joacim Lundberg is strongly reminiscent of the Hammerfall singer, and the comparison is already evident on the mid-tempo opener 'Hearts Like Lions'.

The pace quickens on 'A New Way'. A great chorus on this one. Dream Evil have a track similarly titled to 'Breaking The Chains', and Dreamland capture their sound on this crunchy, chug-a-long anthem.

The DE feeling continues on 'Destiny', while 'Die Slowly' brings in a touch of Nocturnal Rites. 'Fade Away' is an emotive, Kamelot style ballad with Joacim combining well with the added female vocals.

'All For One' comes as a big surprise as it is in fact a Stryper cover. Yes, Stryper. Taken from the 'Against The Law' album, Dreamland stays true to the original, and the song actually fits in well amongst the rest of the material.

The chorus on 'Dreamland' is dead-on Hammerfall, while the title track 'Future's Calling' combines Hammerfall and Dream Evil. The album ends well on 'A New Dimension' with a fast tempo and enjoyable chorus. Perhaps the most 'original' sounding track on the album.

In Summary

With all the Hammerfall and Dream Evil comparisons you will have realised that Dreamland are not that original. However, before you consign them to the 'just another melodic metal band' heap, anyone who enjoys the influences mentioned will surely find Dreamland worthy of adding to the collection, as I have. I'll be keeping an eye on Dreamland and how they develop.

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