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ARTICLE:The Essential Series - Golden Oldies Volume 1, by Gdazegod)
YEAR: 2018



Well, this is a little bit different. I was inspired to create this category based on a whole bunch of videos I had been watching on YouTube. Some of them go way back into time, and I do recall when I was just a kid listening to many of these tracks on the radio, in effect it created the soundtrack of my life.

For the most part, the selections listed below are drenched in melody so I guess that was an early calling card for me as a fan of music; that melody is apparent through just about all of the music that I listened to. And it started here. So, let's take a look at some of these, it might just shake a few memory cells in your head as well, especially for those who are around the same age group as me.

I certainly had fun putting these together, and who knows there may be another batch of 10 which we can add to a second volume further down the track.

The Songs

Fifth Dimension - 1969 Age Of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In

This was a Los Angeles based quartet featuring the husband and wife team of Billy Davis Jnr and Marilyn McCoo (host of the Solid Gold TV show during the 80's). This song came from the musical 'Hair' and was all over the radio when I was a youngster. I was into fantasy and sci-fi way back then (but probably didn't know it), and songs with this message appealed to me greatly.

The New Faces - 1967 Lace Covered Window

We used to have a Nostalgia Radio Station back in New Zealand which used to air on Sunday nights from 7 pm till midnight. So many fantastic songs would be heard. This is one that was a popular request. The New Faces were a Scottish trio (Charles McKay, Barry Greenway and Marie Gordon-Price), who were formed in Glasgow in 1961 by McKay. As a trio, they released a bunch of singles for Pye Records during the 60's, and were frequently on British TV. This was their most successful. I can imagine this being played on the record player at many an Old Folks residential home.

Shocking Blue - 1970 Venus

A great Dutch band who were popular and well known to a global audience over four decades ago. Lead singer Mariska Veres was the star of the show. A bit of a hottie back then.

Edison Lighthouse - 1970 Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)

Another song as catchy as a cold, which was played rather extensively in our household. I do remember, we had loads of 45's in the collection, and this was one of them. As per my mantra, melodic as hell.

Ruby And The Romantics - 1964 Our Day Will Come

This is definitely the oldest of my selections, but the song did catch my ear in later years. As it did the late Amy Winehouse, who covered this song in the 90's. She had good taste.

Zagar and Evans - 1969 In The Year 2525

Maybe it was the numbers, or was it the lyrics? Just about sci-fi, more like H.G Wells and a time-machine zooming ahead into the future. As Z&E sang about back in the middle of the hippie era, the outlook for Planet Earth four decades on still looks rather ominous and bleak. Maybe they knew something? Or maybe they were visited by beings from the future who turned up unannounced at the recording studio? However, they did change the years in the lyrics when they got to 7510, rather than 7575.

Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

I never bought any of his albums, and still have none in my collection. My brother did though, but I'm unsure if we ever had 1972's 'Talking Book' in our collection back during our youth. I liked one or two songs, including this one with its swirly keyboards (Rhodes I think), and like Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder was all over the radio back in the day. Respect to this guy.

Jim Croce - 1973 Time In A Bottle

Simply, an exquisite acoustic ballad from the late folk/balladeer Jim Croce. The lyrics are as thought-provoking now as they were then. If I heard this on the radio, I would always stop what I was doing, and give this song due attention. The acoustic picking is sublime. The song was originally released on his 1972 debut album for ABC Records but was posthumously released as a single after Jim was killed in a plane crash over Louisiana in late 1973. The song eventually became a no#1 hit in his memory. A gifted performer who left us far too soon.

Bread - 1970 Make It With You

This volume wouldn't be complete without including these guys. Really, I could've selected from at least half a dozen songs, but I went with this one. Very easy on the ear, and from a time when life was simpler. I miss those days.

Marvin, Welch And Farrar - 1971 Lady Of The Morning

Very talented trio, including Hank Marvin (from The Shadows), Bruce Welch and John Farrar. The vocal harmonies are awesome and Marvin is a fairly decent lead singer too. I have their 1971 album 'Second Opinion' from which this song is sourced, so that might end up getting an article written at some point.

In Summary

There is enough to venture into a second volume, artists like Love Affair (Rainbow Valley), The Cowsills, Tony Christie, Looking Glass and so much more that begs their moment in the spotlight.

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    This list passed me by at the time. What a wonderful collection of songs. I`d love to put an essential series together at some point in the future about my earliest influences in music, but not sure if the site would run to Doris Day!!!
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