Stan Bush - Dream The Dream

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Stan Bush - 2010 Dream The Dream
ARTIST: Stan Bush
ALBUM: Dream The Dream
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2010

LINEUP: Stan Bush - vocals * Holger Fath - guitars, keyboards * Matt Bissonette - bass * Matt Laug - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Never Hold Back * 02 I'm Still Here * 03 Don't Give Up On Love * 04 Two Hearts * 05 In My Life * 06 Love Is The Road * 07 If This Is All There Is * 08 Dream The Dream * 09 More Than A Miracle * 10 Your Time * 11 All That I Am * 12 Sam's Theme (The Touch)


While Stan Bush has never enjoyed huge success during his lengthy career, he is one of the few artists who have generated consistent material over the years. His albums from 2004 ('Shine') and 2007 ('In This Life') were my introduction to the man, and those were both highlights of those respective years.

The earlier material has all been mostly excellent - as I said, he has been consistent. He specializes in anthems and positive songs, and I just happen to be a sucker for that kind of material.

The Songs

We start off with, predictably, an anthem - 'Never Give Up'. It sounds like you'd expect a Stan Bush anthem to sound, which is good if that's what you want to hear (as I do). Gets the album off to a good start - you can tell the production is solid, and Bush's voice is up to the task.

'I'm Still Here' and 'Don't Give Up On Love' continue the strong start. 'Two Hearts' is a definite winner, sounding a fair bit like Foreigner's 'Head Games' in places. It has my favourite chord structure, and the tale of escaping a bad situation, the 'lovers on the run' theme - combine to make a song that is guaranteed to appeal to me. It was recorded on the 1995 album by CITA (Caught In The Act), although that was a slower and more subdued version.

'In My Life' is the first ballad, and it is a good one. 'Love Is The Road' rocks a little harder than most of the songs on here. 'If This Is All There Is' is - wait for it - another upbeat and positive tune.. There are some more modern-sounding guitar parts thrown in there at some good places to get your attention. Fath has definitely made some good six-string contributions on this and the prior album.

The title track starts off subdued before heading to anthem-ville, with a nice guitar solo. 'More Than A Miracle' and 'Your Time' pick up the pace, the former with some nice stabbing keyboards and the latter with some more nice guitar work.

'All That I Am' is again pretty similar without being samey. In fact, I'm quite impressed that this album avoids sounding samey, considering that you could 'drop the needle' anywhere and get some musical encouragement.

The album ends with another version of 'The Touch'. You may or may not think there is a need for another version, but this one is nicely done with a more contemporary edge that fits this album well (and is less cheesy than the other versions I've heard).

In Summary

If you liked the past two Stan Bush albums, as well as most of what he's done, I'm confident in saying you'll like this too. And if you're looking for something that is consistently positive and upbeat, you should check this out.

Yeah, it is predictable and safe, I can't deny that. But sometimes that may be what you want to hear. I'm writing this well over three years since I got the album, and it has become one of my go-to albums that works no matter what mood I'm in.

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