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ARTIST: Bush, Stan
ALBUM: Language Of The Heart
LABEL: Now And Then/Frontiers
YEAR: 2001

LINEUP: Stan Bush - vocals, guitars * Curt Cuomo - keyboards * Don Kirkpatrick - guitars * Trent Stroh - bass * Tom Walsh - drums * Tommy Funderburk - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 What I've Got Is Real * 02 Never Stop Writing This Song * 03 Like I've Never Lived * 04 A Little Thing * 05 Some Things Never Change * 06 Language Of The Heart * 07 Don't Let Them Down * 08 Love Someone * 09 Don't Tell Me * 10 Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone


Stan Bush has been around the AOR scene for many years now, and the man just seems incapable of disappointing, whether solo or with Barrage, melody is the law and positive lyrics the order of the day.

For this new solo album, Stan has collaborated with Curt Cuomo, who worked on the Kiss albums 'Carnival Of Souls' and 'Psycho Circus'. Curt co-writes on nine of the ten tracks, plays keyboards and produces this slightly more organic and stripped down sounding album.

The Songs

From the opening bars of 'What I've Got Is Real', you know you've landed in AOR central station. A driving rhythm and passionate chorus characterise this anthem. 'Never Stop Writing This Song' brings Jimi Jamison era Survivor to mind, yes it's that good - probably the highlight of the album.

The required power ballad flies in next, entitled 'Like I've Never Lived'. Despite the electronic percussion embellishment, the verses build up well to a winning chorus, clearly a top ten candidate if this was 1985. While the remaining tracks don't quite reach the heights of the first three, there's plenty to enjoy and no filler material to be found.

The mid western feel of 'Some Things Never Change' and the heartfelt honesty of tracks like 'Don't Let Them Down' and 'Don't Tell Me' are very rewarding with repeated listening. As usual Stan is in fine voice, with Tommy Funderburk making a valuable contribution at chorus time.

In Summary

If promoted well and given decent airplay, this disc should perform very well on the commercial front. There's no substitute for a consistent AOR album, so take it from me, this one won't disappoint. Well done to the guys at Frontiers for getting behind this one.

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