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ARTIST: Bush, Stan
ALBUM: In This Life
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2007


LINEUP: Stan Bush - vocals * Holger Fath - guitars, keyboards * Dirk Nagel - keyboards * Lance Morrison - bass * Matt Laug - drums * Rocket Richotte - guitars

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Will Never Fall * 02 I Gotta Thing For You * 03 I Can't Try * 04 This Moment * 05 Waiting For You * 06 The First Time * 07 Long Long Way * 08 Over You * 09 Take It All The Way * 10 In This Life * 11 Southern Rain

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You don't have to go too far on this website to find any reference at all to AOR god Stan Bush (I think we can call him a god on this website and get away with it!).

Last seen back in 2004 with his 'Shine' album, Bush goes to show that you can still have an unpopular surname and still be popular with the masses. 'In This Life' is his new 2007 effort, and only reinforces what the rest of us already know in the melodic rock world.

The beauty of this album can be factored to two key things: the music is uncomplicated as only a singer/songwriter can purvey. Second, the recipe is a variant on the tried and true method which has worked in the past, like changing some of the spices around with the ingredients.

One of those 'spices' is German musician/producer Holger Fath, an American resident for the past decade or two, who has struck up a musical partnership with Bush, and what a partnership it is. Not only has he contributed with guitars and keyboards, he also produced the damn thing!

The Songs

Kicking off with 'I Will Never Fall' - it's a strong start. The pulsing nature of it, plus the chugging guitars is the sort of stuff we grew up on. AORsters should also find 'I Gotta Thing For You' to their liking. The guitars and keys interface perfectly, with a sort of Harem Scarem type vibe.

'I Can't Try' could be a replica of John Waite's 'Missing You', just twenty years on.

The two ballads on the album follow one after the other.

'Waiting For You' is the obligatory power-ballad, whereas 'The First Time' is again, a tune that wouldn't be outta place on a John Waite album (perhaps we should hook up Holger and John together? - sounds like a good idea). Just to ensure that he hasn't mellowed out altogether, the title track 'In This Life' alternates between reflective and aggressive.

'Southern Rain' ends the album, an acoustic ballad reflecting on Stan's earlier life in Florida growing up.

In Summary

One of the strongest albums from Stan in a good while, though in saying that, I like most of his stuff, just reckon this stands out a little more, though a couple of tracks toward the latter sees the album start to drift.

You can certainly say that Holger Fath had a lot to do with the success of this album; good on Stan for hooking up with him.

From what I understand, Bush has plans to tour on the back of this album, should be interesting. He is also involved with music for a new Transformers movie due out next year.

All in all, a busy year in the works for Mr Bush. I wonder if his namesake 'Dubya' can learn a few clues from a Bush who knows what he's doing.

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