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ARTIST: Bush, Stan
ALBUM: Shine
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2004


LINEUP: Stan Bush - vocals * Tim Pierce - guitars * Matt Bissonette - bass * Curt Cuomo - keyboards, backing vocals * Kenny Aronoff - drums * Tommy Funderburk - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Shine * 02 Falling * 03 I Will Be There * 04 I Turn To You * 05 What You Mean Tonight * 06 Say It Ain't Love * 07 Have You Ever Believed * 08 Do It All Over * 09 The Chance You Take * 10 When I Dream


Still churning out albums in the 21st century is GDM hall-of-famer Stan Bush. He's released a bunch of stuff since those early days, including the underrated and short-lived band Boulder.

Since then, no stone has been left unturned by Bush, whose career is populated by a string of excellent albums. Still signed to Frontiers for European distribution, his 2004 effort 'Shine' follows on from 2001's 'Language Of The Heart'. The jangly melodic lite rock/AOR a continuation of that album, a tamer but nonetheless digestible approach.

It is similar to the early days of Canadians Bryan Adams and Stan Meissner, but is unlike the pomp and bombast from his 'Barrage' days, those days long gone it would seem.

The Songs

The title track is the lead-off, a punchy little rocker with a smokin' solo from one of the greats Tim Pierce.

On any other given day, the razor sharp pop rock of 'I Will Be There' could be a track penned from the mighty Harem Scarem.

Getting back to basics is the stripped down (and near mid-west) delivery of 'Say It Ain't Love', while the guitar melodies of the next track 'Have You Ever Believed' follow in a similar vein.

Fans of Mitch Malloy would enjoy this pair. Slowing up the tempo on the verses is 'Do It All Over', though the choruses and solo spots are more energetic.

'The Chance You Take' is a pleasant enough anthem, whereas the closer 'When I Dream' meanders its way to the finish, displaying the obligatory guitar flourish to keep things interesting.

In Summary

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to appreciate the tunes that Bush is capable of writing. Even his co-writes are pretty special affairs.

'Shine' is a well put-together album, simplistic in style, with stellar musicians on board, who are not looking to make things too complicated.

However, I did find the whole thing slightly unchallenging and polite, and was hoping for a bit more excitement all round. If you like it slightly stripped back but highly melodic to the point of addictive, then 'Shine' is for you.

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