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PRICE SULTON is the one-off 1986 album from the pairing of childhood friends Thommy Price and Kasim Sulton, both renowned musicians with links to acts like Utopia, Billy Idol, Scandal and Joan Jett.

Price Sulton - 1986 Lights On
ARTIST: Price Sulton
ALBUM: Lights On
LABEL: CBS Associated Records
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Thommy Price - lead and backing vocals, drums, percussion, guitars * Kasim Sulton - lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards

Additional Musicians: Phil Grande - rhythm guitars * Danny Louis, Tommy Mandel - keyboards * Jimmy Bralower - drum programming (#4) * Louis Cortelizzi - saxophone (#9) * Peter Scherer - string keyboards (#10) * Elliott Easton - guitars & solos (#2, 5, 9) * Joan Jett - backing vocals (#6) * Beverly Hill - backing vocals (#3, 6)

TRACK LISTING: 01 Shotgun Shy * 02 No T.V. No Phone * 03 Lights On * 04 Take Me Away * 05 Shana * 06 Something's Gonna Happen * 07 Stories * 08 Reckless And Wild * 09 Heaven's Girl * 10 Oh No



The band name sounds like a law firm doesn't it? Yes, though it probably needs a third name added onto the end of it to make it look authentic. A true product of the mid 80's, these two gents were well known in the industry at the time. Price working with the band Scandal as well as with Billy Idol and Joan Jett, while Kasim was an integral part of the band Utopia alongside Todd Rundgren.

Price and Sulton were childhood friends and both hovered around the New York session scene for years before pairing up for this collaboration.

The Songs

This is an album I've wanted to write about for a long time actually, but I've only got around to it just recently. Of the ten songs onboard, six were written by the duo, while two were co-written with D.L Byron (tracks 4 and 5) and another two were co-written with Joey Balin (Lori Chacko), these being tracks 6 and 7.

Musically, 'Lights On' is a hand-fits-glove album for occupancy on this site. Very melodic, straight out of the 80's production values (incidentally produced by Michael Young; credits include The Cars, Burns Sisters and Juice Newton), plus, on occasion, the songs contain some well placed guitar solos. For comparisons sake, maybe a dose of Glen Burtnick and the prevailing mid 80's pop-rock of The Stabilizers and David + David is in order.

Listening to the tracks, 'Shotgun Shy' and 'No TV No Phone' are both an ear-friendly pair topped with sizzling guitar solos which gives them that extra punch. The title track 'Lights On' is an excitable excursion, quite big-sounding too with another all too brief fiery solo.

Renowned drum programming maestro Jimmy Bralower adds his skills to 'Take Me Away'. This is definitely a product of 1986, where the industry was in the infancy of synths, sequencers and drum machines. 'Shana' is a pleasant and sunny pop-rock tune where the typical boy meets girl scenario plays out.

Despite the song-title 'Something's Gonna Happen', I was waiting to see if something did indeed happen. Yes, but only when the chorus kicked in, the first section was kinda subdued. A brief zany solo in the style of Jennifer Batten added some interest.

The tempo increases for the mild romp of 'Stories', like a funtime version of The Cars. 'Reckless And Wild' was nothing like what the song-title suggested. Probably the weak point of the album.

Much better is the lush 'Heaven's Girl' with keyboards more prominent plus some nicely placed saxophone. To round out the album, 'Oh No' rolls along with an acoustic guitar focus and some strong vocals. The singalong chorus is catchy as heck, for me this track is a winner.

In Summary

Since this album, both guys have worked (albeit short term) with Blue Oyster Cult and also with Patty Smyth's Scandal during their 2005 reunion tour.

Independently, Price moved on to play with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in 1986, and spent 28 years with them. He also played with Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys on their 1989 debut and currently plays in his own band. Sulton continued with his solo career plus he hooked up with Todd Rundgren in the 2006 version of the The Cars called the New Cars.

'Lights On' has only seen an official CD release out of Japan in 1987 plus a bootleg out of Brazil around about 2014. You can imagine both of these are long out of print. Other than that, there's been no CD reissue out of the US and I suspect only an adventurous reissue label would take up the challenge. Make it so.


Shotgun Shy

Lights On

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