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1980's 'No Limit' is the second album by the 70's/80's German hard rock band FARGO, who originate from Hannover and have connections to other German bands Victory and The Scorpions.

Fargo - No Limit
ALBUM: No Limit
LABEL: EMI Electrola
SERIAL: 1C 064-45 971
YEAR: 1980
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Peter Ladwig - lead vocals, guitars, talk box * Hanno Grossman - guitars, backing vocals * Peter Knorn - bass, backing vocals * Frank Tolle - drums, percussion (#1-3, #5-7)

Guests: Ede Schicke - drums (#4, 8) * Kalle Bösel - piano, organ * Neeltje Groneman - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Just The Music * 02 Soul Survivor * 03 Hot Nights * 04 I'm A Loser * 05 Walking In The Moonlight * 06 Take It Easy * 07 Get Up * 08 The Last



1980's 'No Limit' is the second album by the 70's/80's German hard rock band Fargo, who originate from Hannover and have future connections to another German band Victory, and a past connection to the legendary Scorpions.

Dave Reynolds (reynoroxx) has written some useful information on the band in an earlier review of their fourth album: 1982's 'F' (click the Fargo tag below). The band were first signed to Crystal Records (Crystal Schallplsten GmbH) for their 1979 debut 'Wishing Well', but the label folded in 1980 and were incorporated into the EMI Electrola family.

The band we're better known locally in Germany and were steadily building up their profile along with other contemporaries including Tokyo, Lake, Elephant and to a lesser extent Accept who already had a developing international profile.

The Songs

Musically, 'No Limit' is a varied album sound-wise, the band drawing upon numerous references across several sub-genres, though the prevailing style is standard late 70's hard rock. Fargo could hardly be accused of being one-dimensional, that is for sure.

The opening track 'Just The Music' is an energetic hard rock romp with the mid-section filled with a funky rhythm, handclaps and a succinct but razor-sharp solo. 'Soul Survivor' is a mournful slow tempo track that has more in common with German allies Eloy, but without the keyboard overdose.

'Hot Nights' is your basic chugging hard rocker, the chord structure somehow reminded me of The Scorpions 'Lovin' You Sunday Morning'. The near 7-minute 'I'm A Loser' is perhaps the most interesting track here, for the first half it's full of blues riffs and solos similar to Pat Travers or a Frank Marino, but the most notable feature is the use of the talkbox a la Peter Frampton and it's in use for most of the back half of the song. Great stuff.

We take a walk along the funky side with 'Walking In The Moonlight', a close cousin to fellow Germans Snowball, a band I totally enjoy. The riffs flow easily and freely on 'Take It Easy', the organ backdrop lands this to the Lucifer's Friend border. 'Get Up' sounds like English prog band Argent while the sound is softened for the last track 'The Last' which believe it or not drops into west-coast territory. Talk about licorice all sorts!

In Summary

After this effort, Fargo moved onto their third album 'Frontpage Lover' which saw the departure of drummer Frank Tolle, only for him to return on their fourth and final album 'F'.

For me, I love discovering some of these older late 70's and early 80's albums out of Europe and this band fits the bill quite nicely.


I'm A Loser

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