Black Majesty - 2002 Interview with Steve Janevski

In The Spotlight - Black Majesty
Interview with Steve Janevski
Written by: Luigi Cisaria (September 08, 2002)

The past few years have been good to the Metal scene in Australia. Presently the scene is thriving and continually producing new and exciting bands. While Vanishing Point and Pegazus have already made their mark, it appears that Black Majesty are going to hit the world metal scene just as hard and perhaps leave an even bigger mark.

In the meantime, while they record their debut album, a 3 song sampler has been released. Guitarist Steve Janevski explains the purpose behind 'Sands Of Time'.

'The album is written with new stuff being churned out which is a healthy sign' says Steve. 'We decided to record three songs first up to use as a sampler to the labels and media to create some kind of hopeful buzz while we finished off the rest of the recordings to complete the album.'

'Thus far we have had some very positive responses from management and a few labels in Germany. We are looking at having the album complete early next year so hopefully the album comes out soon after that. Thus far the sampler has definitely served its purpose in keeping the ball rolling making use of downtime while we were recording'.

Black Majesty: Pavel, Steve, Gio, Joe, Hanny

To most it would appear that Black Majesty are a fairly new outfit but the band has been around for a little while, though under other names. With the name situation sorted the band could now concentrate on building a strong chemistry. Steve explains.

'The band was originally called Kymera, and then Arkaya, finally settling on Black Majesty. We all get on very well with this line up and it's very much a band where everyone contributes without too much fuss. Things just click and that makes it a real joy. Hanny and I work really well with the guitars and Pavel, who is actually a Czech (formerly in European recording bands Leprocide and Kryptor), is a real madman on the drums.'

To make it to the top of the melodic metal scene it's very important to have a first rate frontman. In John 'Gio' Cavaliere they certainly found that all-important ingredient. In this instance it was a case of 'it's not what you know, but who you know', and a touch of good fortune didn't go amiss either.

'I guess we were very lucky to find John. We were friends with Danny Cecati who was formerly the singer of Pegazus and he is John's cousin.' 'Gio', as we call him, had been in bands we had heard of in the past and when we were looking for a singer and got him in for a sing he just blew us away with his voice.'

'He is definitely one of the most exciting vocalists I have worked with and has a real quality to him not just as a singer but as a person. I really believe he is one of the best new singers to hit the melodic power metal scene. Early reviews have also been most positive especially on the vocals so it seems we're not alone in thinking so highly of John,'Gio'.

The friendship between Black Majesty and Danny Cecati is only one of many within the Australian metal scene. Steve believes that the closeness and co-operation among Australian melodic metal bands has contributed to the resurgence of the scene downunder.

'There seems to be quite a movement starting in Melbourne for melodic metal bands. Bands like Pegazus, Vanishing Point, Eyefear, Crimson Fire, Enter Twilight, and then there's Dungeon from Sydney who have released a great new album as well.'

'It's really cool that all the bands are backing each other and a real sense of camaraderie is happening in oz for this style of music. Sure it's still underground but the buzz is getting stronger and stronger. Edguy were recently here and they also commented on the buzz in Oz.'

Black Majesty have been playing a few live shows and so far the response has been very encouraging. According to Steve it is the support of the fans, by staying true to the music, who have contributed greatly to the healthy state of Australian metal.'

'Yes, we've done a few shows playing with Vanishing Point and that has been really cool and very positive from the fans. It's getting very much like a movement down here, people very loyal to the metal cause with a real passion for heavy metal music. Although there are many styles of metal these days and the traditional style was almost shunned as being dated and the usual blah blah blah.'

'It is really inspiring that people are feeling proud about the music they love and not so much worrying about trends and any backlash of things being cool or not cool. The traditional metal thing is really happening down here and as mentioned before the bands and the fans have really bonded together to forge a scene that is really happening.'

So, with recording currently taking place and things starting to happen for the band, Steve's plans for Black Majesty and its future are quite simple. 'Our main goal is to spread the Black Majesty name to as many people as possible'.

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