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A Canadian band that released a mini-LP in 1985 that fits nicely into the pomp/AOR pigeon hole with ease. Pity there wasn't more to enjoy.

Equus - 1985 Equus EP
ALBUM: Equus (EP)
LABEL: Auto Records
YEAR: 1985

LINEUP: Cameron Grant - lead vocals, guitars * Peter Schaefer - guitars, vocals * Duncan Grant - keyboards * Ken Lucier - bass * Danny Allen - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Metal Man * 02 I'll Be Waiting * 03 When You Gonna Find The Time * 04 Power Life * 05 Think Of You



This Canadian band from London Ontario had been in operation since 1981. A byproduct of the prog rock scene, they would move into commercial territory by the time this 5 track EP landed in 1985.

The Songs

'Metal Man' is the odd-man out on the album, Equus heading in a heavier melodic rock direction a la Orphan. It's more about guitars than it is keyboards. They certainly had the chops to play this style if they continued down this path.

'I'll Be Waiting' is their best representation I reckon, a pomp excursion in the vein of fellow Canucks Everest or Illinois pompsters Rathskeller. This should find favour among the regular readers, video for this down below.

'When You Gonna Find The Time' finds Equus in ballad land, it's pretty good actually, top vocals, an overall melodic arrangement which doesn't wilt in the face of melodrama.

'Power Life' is full of guitar melodies and is a covered by a synth backdrop. Nice work. This track was recently reimaged by Cameron Grant a few weeks back on YouTube (Dec 24th 2020) the song title changed to 'A Better Life'.

'Think Of You' is a very 80's commercial pop rocker, and here I am reminded of bands like The Arrows especially with all that sax work going on.

In Summary

The following year, the band had reduced to a trio (Cameron Grant, Allen and Schaefer) and released an exploratory 2 track single called 'You Decide' for Auto Records, but suffice to say, no one was willing to take the bait. The band did make it into 1987 as evidenced by tracks on YouTube. Despite all this, we can be assured that 'Equus' the EP will remain an official vinyl-only release.

In later years, Cameron Grant performed with a Pink Floyd tribute band called In The Flesh, and more recently, he fronts a Tom Petty tribute act called Full Petty Fever.


I'll Be Waiting

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