Joplin Hart - Beacon Hill (Mini LP)

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A shortlived band from the greater Boston area who released this independent mini LP in 1986, with New England's Hirsh Gardner at the production helm.

Joplin Hart - 1986 Beacon Hill
ARTIST: Joplin Hart
ALBUM: Beacon Hill (Mini LP)
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1986

LINEUP: Joplin Hart - vocals, guitars * Chris Billias - keyboards, synth, backing vocals * Lou Festo - guitars, backing vocals * Steve Bowdon - bass * Dana Henderson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Beacon Hill * 02 Forever And A Day * 03 Strangers Come Between Us * 04 Snows Of Yesterday * 05 Time Ticket



Much like the recent Equus review we wrote last week, here's another rare five-tracker from the Boston based band Joplin Hart. These guys are doing mid 80's indie sounding AOR like it never went out of fashion (err.. it did unfortunately), production chores given to New England drummer Hirsh Gardner which instantly gives the Mini LP that credibility factor.

Joplin Hart Band pic 1986

The Songs

'Beacon Hill' is an enjoyable opener with keyboards holdind it altogether nicely. A hot solo pokes out from under the ivories. Nice. 'Forever And A Day' is a track where lead singer Joplin Hart (real name Mike Shoueiry) sounds like a deadringer for Danger Danger's Ted Poley. It's so similar it's scary!

JH straddle the AOR/pop rock fence with 'Strangers Come Between Us' like a poppier version of Honeymoon Suite. The ballad 'Snows Of Yesterday' adds an arrow to the JH quiver. I guess they had to add a ballad as a bit of a showcase.

The finale sees JH get the party vibe happening on 'Time Ticket', this one coming off like Ohio rockers Shyster especially with all that sax work going on.

In Summary

Joplin Hart went onto another release in 1989, a four-track with just two songs (vocal plus instrumental version) plus a two-track single in 1990. Probably not worth the hunt for those two, but this is available on the Net easily enough.


Beacon Hill

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