Wicked Teaze - 1988 Wicked Teaze (EP)

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These transplanted Floridians moved to El Lay in search of a deal, but found closed doors and frustration instead, despite leaving an excellent showcase.

Wicked Teaze - 1988 Wicked Teaze (EP)
ARTIST: Wicked Teaze
ALBUM: Wicked Teaze (EP)
LABEL: Sekf Released
YEAR: 1988
CD REISSUE: 2005, Retrospect Records, RR125-2

LINEUP: Shawn Albro - vocals * Scott Wallace - guitars * Blake Arle - bass * Tommy Craig - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Want Your Love * 02 She Likes It On Top * 03 Lady On My Mind * 04 In the Dark Tonite * 05 Diamond * 06 When Night Falls



Originally from sunny Florida (Greater Tampa area), these hair metal hopefuls made their way to Hollywood CA in search of fame and fortune, and in the process - finding neither. Formed in 1985 WT made a go of it at least, eventually pulling the pin in 1991. Their only recorded material was this 6 track EP from 1988 which by the sound of things (poor fidelity and all) was a very decent affair.

Wicked Teaze Band pic 1988

The Songs

Reviewing this decades later, I came to the conclusion that their excellent metallized music and image didn't quite match. The guitar work from Scott Wallace (ex Floridian metal band Siren) is super, plus the OTT vocals from Shawn Albro is also high-octane stuff. Not quite at Nitro levels, but hopefully you're getting the picture if shrill Jim Gillette styled vocals is your thing. However, I can understand if it wasn't.. Lol.

From the overblown 'I Want Your Love', the Motley Crue themed 'She Likes It On Top' or the near prog metal of 'Lady On My Mind', Wicked Teaze can head off in any direction should they so choose.

'In The Dark Tonite' sounds as dramatic as the song title, played at full tempo this one totally shreds the metronome. 'Diamond' continues the metal bludgeon though perhaps a notch down on what has gone before, the finale 'When Night Falls' could be described as epic metal, the solo from Scott Wallace is reverb laden to the max.

In Summary

From my perspective, Wicked Teaze had the armory to compete with the majors, but where to pitch them could've been a problem if they had signed to a big label. Not quite Bon Jovi nor Poison in terms of image, but they were far heavier than their melodic rock peers and could've held their own against the likes of Fifth Angel, Banshee or Leatherwolf for example.

Only singer Shawn Albro has gone onto further his career with stints in the Dweezil Zappa Band, U.P.O and Hopes Funeral. This EP was reissued by Retrospect Records in 2005 but as you can imagine, it is now long out of print. However you can hear the entire EP over on YouTube.


I Want Your Love

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