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After the difficult break up of ABBA, Agnetha tried her hand at going solo, this is the second English language album from her which met with some success in her homeland of Sweden but struggled somewhat elsewhere.

ARTIST:Agnetha Fältskog
ALBUM: Eyes Of A Woman
LABEL: Epic Records
YEAR: 1985
CD REISSUE: 2005 Polar 0602498687840

LINEUP: Agnetha Fältskog - vocals, backing vocals * Rutger Gunnarsson - bass * Jamie Lane - drums * Rick Fenn - guitar * Eric Stewart - percussion, fender rhodes, backing vocals * Vic Emerson - keyboards * Justin Hayward - guitars (#5) * Mel Collins - sax (#1, 7) * Anders Glenmark, Karin Glenmark, Marianne Flynner - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 One Way Love * 02 Eyes Of A Woman * 03 Just One Heart * 04 I Won't Let You Go * 05 The Angels Cry * 06 Click Track * 07 We Should Be Together * 08 I Won't Be Leaving You * 09 Save Me (Why Don't Ya) * 10 I Keep Turning Off Lights * 11 We Move As One

Bonus CD Tracks 12 You're There * 13 Turn The World Around *14 I Won't Let You Go (Extended Version) *15 The Way You Are *16 Fly Like The Eagle

RATING: Score=70%
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The second English speaking album from former ABBA vocalist Agnetha sees her, on this occasion teaming up with 10cc's Eric Stewart.

Apart from the Mike Chapman produced 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' back in 1983, Agnetha had released 7 solo albums in her native Sweden, with 5 of them being released before her time in ABBA which saw her achieve superstar status in her homeland.

Achieving more worldwide success with her English speaking albums proved to be a harder nut to crack, and the relative failure of this album to sell in real numbers in the all-important markets of the UK and America was a setback for her.

The Songs

The production is very much of its time and surprisingly does not have a trace of Eric Stewart and his work with 10cc, instead its fairly lumpen, even heavy handed at times which in turn detracts from the songs.

The songs, 11 tracks that go from straightforward Euro pop to, at times excellent mid 80's AOR. Album opener is a Jeff Lynne (ELO) penned song and it very un ELO like in tone and make up, but is in essence a spritely number with an effective hook that lingers.

There's the lead single 'I Won't Let You Go', which again is of its time, and once more an appealing tune, with a cool hook, but then there's the frankly quite awful official video to it which has to be seen to be believed!

'The Angels Cry' is written by Justin Hayward he of Moody Blues fame, and is a luscious ballad, and one where Agnetha is allowed to spread her wings and gives an impeccable vocal performance.

'Click Track' is a rather cheesy sounding song, and is best left alone, whereas the pairing of 'We Should Be Together' and the sumptuous ballad 'I Won't Be Leaving You' are both tracks that could easily have seen the likes of Holly Knight take on, and which could be considered 'Hi-Tech AOR', with the emphasis on keyboards and on the former a cracking sax solo to boot.

The final track 'We Move As One' is rather surprisingly a John Wetton/Geoff Downes song, and one I believe was considered for their 'Icon' project at one point, and although uncredited ,the background vocals of John Wetton are unmistakable, and it's as expected a top notch symphonic ballad.

The bonus tracks on the CD Reissue are a pointless remix of 'I Won't Let You Go', and a couple of duets with Swedish Singer Ole Hakansson, as well as 'B' sides to the albums two singles. They are in the main decent enough pop workouts but don't really add anything to the overall proceedings.

In Summary

Nowhere near as consistent as her debut English language album, with this release suffering on occasion with some very average filler tracks, but there's enough here to keep an ABBA fan such as myself interested. Agnetha's vocals throughout are of course excellent.

Agnetha would release a children's record in 1987, as well as the Peter Cetera produced 'I Stand Alone' in the same year, but would then retreat from the public eye before the release of 'My Colouring Book' in 2004.

She has, in the intervening years recorded sporadically and the last I heard had contributed to a full ABBA reunion in 2018 of which it was rumoured that 2 new songs were recorded, but as of yet to see the light of day.

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I Won't Let You Go

Click Track

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    DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Nice review, thank you Malc. The song I mostly remember is the bonus track 'The Way You Are', a 1986 single that was a local hit in Sweden and Brazil as well.
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    Roy Wood was also asked to submit a song for this album as well. The song snippet below is believed to have been the song submitted. It remains unreleased to this day. The song is called " If This Love Is Magic". She declined Roy's song but used Jeff's song " One Way Love" .

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    ExplorerExplorer England
    edited January 14
    I was aware of Elvis Costello submitting a song for this album, but not Roy....thanks for the info Chris. Roy Wood still lives very local to me, but keeps himself to himself these days, one of rocks unsung heroes.
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