Presto Ballet - Love What You've Done With The Place (EP)

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2011 was a busy year for prog rock maestros Presto Ballet with two releases, one of which was this six-track EP 'Love What You've Done With The Place'.

Presto Ballet - 2011 Love What You
ARTIST: Presto Ballet
ALBUM: Love What You've Done With The Place [EP]
LABEL: Body Of Work Recordings
YEAR: 2011

LINEUP: Ronny Munroe - lead vocals * Kurdt Vanderhoof - guitars, production * Kerry Shacklett - keyboards * Bobby Ferkovich - bass * Jeff McCormack - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 King Of The Stars * 02 The Clock * 03 A Distant Heart * 04 Deep, Dark, Blue * 05 Looking Glass * 06 The Faith Healer

RATING: Score of 90%
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Presto Ballet might very well be my favourite modern-day prog band, with a handful of others like Spock's Beard following close behind. This EP from 2011 was the only recorded product we hadn't reviewed from their back catalogue, which we do so now.

During 2011, PB had also released the 'Invisible Places' album, which contained seven tracks. One can only assume that the band had excess songs to work with, so an EP proved to be their overflow outlet of creativity.

The Songs

Lovers of everything to do with the Hammond organ, the moog and mellotron will be in seventh heaven listening to this. If you're a student of 70's era keyboards then you should be all over this like a rash. It might be an EP but there are some very lengthy tracks onboard.

This includes the 9 minute 52 sec opener 'King Of The Stars', which takes the listener on a journey of cascadian prog with references to many of yesteryear's past heroes. 'The Clock' is a wondrous 8-minute keyboard-laden piece. Vanderhoof fills in the spaces with thick guitar rhythms and interchanges with Shacklett much like a tag team.

'A Distant Heart' is a return to a more pastoral soundscape. I kept hearing traces of 70's era Genesis, like a long lost friend. This one flows nicely throughout. 'Deep, Dark, Blue' features a Wurlitzer flavoured sound, not quite Supertramp, this one has a bit more crunch to it, especially on the chorus.

PB unshackle the chains on 'Looking Glass', a raucous affair with everyone on their 'A Game'. Actually, this sounds more like hard rock than prog, truth be told. It's very bombastic. The sixth and final track 'Faith Healer' is a cover of an old Sensational Alex Harvey Band track. I've never heard the original but if this version is anything to go by then it might be worth checking out.

In Summary

At a touch over 40 minutes, this feels more like a full-sized album. 2011 was obviously a busy year for the Seattle boys. As we know, the band have continued on in the years since, their last album bring 2018's 'The Days Between'. Come on Kurdt, bring on a new one please.


Looking Glass

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