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From a west coast point of view this is considered to be creme of the crop, taking into account the considerable track record of the five men involved.

King Of Hearts - s/t
ARTIST: King Of Hearts
ALBUM: King Of Hearts
LABEL: MelodicRock Records
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Tommy Funderburk - vocals * Bruce Gaitsch - guitars * John Pattituci - bass * CJ Vanston - keyboards * Keith Carlock - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Don't Wait * 02 California * 03 I Need You * 04 I Don't Want Your Love * 05 Givin' Up Easy * 06 Say It Now * 07 Rose Maria *08 A Simple Song * 09 I Met A Girl * 10 What If They Lied

RATING: Score=80%
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With the attention given to west-coast bands State Cows, Mandoo and CWF a while back, it seemed appropriate to look at this album which was released toward the end of 2019 (Nov 22) after being picked up by MelodicRock Records during October. It flew below the radar for many, releases like these getting very little promotion in the modern day.

No doubt a classy release, well executed and produced in Nashville earlier in the year and with a top-tier lineup who need no introduction to Glory Daze readers. From a west coast point of view this is considered to be creme of the crop, taking into account the considerable track record of the five men involved.

King Of Hearts Bandpic 2019

The Songs

Leading off with 'Don't Wait', this sounds very close to the Mecca playbook, and that in itself gets a thumbs up from yours truly. It sounds like a mandolin introducing 'California', a pleasant acoustic/electric tune that wouldn't sound out of place on a Venice album for instance.

The cool evening vista descends upon the acoustic ballad 'I Need You', a dose of Americana played with deftness and subtlety. Still there is initial restraint to be found on 'I Don't Want Your Love' though it does open up with some urgent keyboard work and guitar soloing in the style of Soleil Moon and the Michael Thompson Band.

'Givin' Up Easy' is indeed an easy on the ears affair, a song that could have slotted in on the recent Firefall album given the melodic acoustics. 'Say It Now' meandered for the most part, though the wavy-weavy synth work from CJ Vanston was lovely.

I'm thinking 'Rose Maria' is a maritime song, perhaps about a boat, and given the accordion flavour throughout I think I could be right. 'A Simple Song' is perhaps the crankiest song onboard, I reckon this would make a good live number as Bruce let's loose a six-string salvo while Tommy adds a raucous vocal to the party atmosphere.

KOH slip back into third gear for 'I Met A Girl', a relaxed number that settles into mellowness like a smooth whiskey. The closing 'What If They Lied' is delivered at a good clip, great harmony vocals from all concerned. This is the sort of thing that good friend Bill Champlin would be comfortable doing.

In Summary

I'm pretty certain that a future KOH album is on the cards, though an alignment of the stars would probably have to occur first, taking into account the state of the music scene, the industry in general, and of course our overall global situation. However this was a nice little gift that helped wrap up the 2019 year before all hell broke loose upon the world three months later.


Don't Wait

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