The Poppermost - A Piece Of The Poppermost (EP)

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Authentic Beatle esque power pop from Glaswegian Joe Kane.

ARTIST: The Poppermost
ALBUM: A Piece of The Poppermost EP
LABEL: Bandcamp
YEAR: 2021

LINEUP: Joe Kane – all instruments, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Well I Will * 02 Laziest Fella In The Realm * 03 Get It Down * 04 In & Out

RATING: Score=80%
WEBLINKS: Site Link | FB Page


Any Beatles aficionado will know where the band name comes from, but for anyone unaware of the story here goes, and this from John Lennon no less.

When The Beatles were depressed thinking the band was going nowhere, and we're in a shitty dressing room, I'd say 'Where are we going fellas?', and they'd go 'To the top, Johnny!', and I'd say 'Where's that Fellas?', and they'd say 'To the Toppermost of the Poppermost!', and I'd say 'Right!, Then we'd all sort of cheer up!!', so there you go.

Joe Kane from Glasgow is a one man band, and an obvious Beatles fan, hence the band name, and also the sound, as we are really into early Beatles territory with this 4 track EP.

The Songs

4 songs that really could have appeared on any of the early Beatles albums, such is the eye for detail included in these songs, and it will come as no surprise find out that Kane has in the past played with the likes of Neil Innes, Joey Molland (Badfinger)and The Bootleg Beatles.

'Well I Will' is an upbeat number that is driven by some authentic Ringo Starr like drumming and harmony vocals that are spot on, quite uncanny.

'Laziest Fella In The Realm' is a playful number that really does tick all the boxes in terms of The Beatles trademark sounds, and 'Get It Down' turns it down a few notches and is a number that the fab four were so adept at doing, with it hummable nature and understated arrangement.

Lastly, there's 'In & Out' which is a joyful romp, that comes straight out of 1964, with its infectious handclaps and once again 'on the money' harmony vocals.

In Summary

This is fantastic for anyone, yes me!!, who was weaned on The Beatles from a very early age. This EP reminds me of the Utopia album 'Deface The Music', which saw Todd Rundgren and his chums do exactly what's going on here.

This is an EP created with real love and affection and respect for the music of The Beatles, even the artwork reflects that early 60's era. The CD, streaming links etc for this EP will be available from 5th February.

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