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The reviews for this album elsewhere on the Internet have been inconsistent, but I came away with a opinion that's on the plus side of the ledger.

Grim Reaper (Steve Grimmett) - 2019 At The Gates
ARTIST: Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper
ALBUM: At The Gates
LABEL: Dissonance Productions
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Steve Grimmett - vocals * Ian Nash - guitars, production * Mark Pullin - drums, production * Julian Hill - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 At The Gates * 02 Venom * 03 What Lies Beneath * 04 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle * 05 A Knock At The Door * 06 Rush * 07 Only When I Sleep * 08 Line Them Up * 09 Breakneck Speed * 10 Under The Hammer * 11 Shadow In The Dark

RATING: Score of 75%
WEBLINK: Site Link


Wind the clock back to 1983 and Grim Reaper were the surprise packet of the NWOBHM scene. At the time, their first album 'See You In Hell' sold a whopping 250,000 units in the USA alone! Over the course of the next four years, the band plied their trade between the UK and USA, eventually finishing up after 1987's 'Rock You To Hell' effort.

Like many British metal bands in recent years, Grim Reaper have had a second coming and join the ranks of other former stalwarts such as: Tokyo Blade
, Tank, Vardis, Gaskin, Mythra and
Saracen who have all released albums in the last decade or less.

'At The Gates' follows 2016's super comeback 'Walking In The Shadows', though on this latest release we have a new rhythm section in Mark Pullin and Julian Hill.

Grim Reaper Band pic 2019

The Songs

I suppose there's no point in waxing lyrical about the song content, it's typical of the metal genre, let's leave it at that. On our previous review of 'Walking In The Shadows', I mentioned the Saxon comparison, to a degree that is replicated this time around too.

Some of these tracks hit the spot for me, while 'Venom' might be the best known track lifted from this set, it's 'Only When I Sleep' that takes the prize as my album highlight, the downward vocal cascade from Steve is a winner.

'What Lies Beneath' is propelled forward by a modern metal sound, whereas the riff laden 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle' is just solid and robust, Nash and Grimmett taking total control. 'A Knock At The Door' gallops along with a Saxon like delivery, it's followed by the metronome challenged 'Rush', a pair of decent tracks located mid-album.

'Breakneck Speed' it might be in name, but musically it doesn't reach supersonic levels like Raven for instance, while I found 'Under The Hammer' to be slightly derivative in style.

In Summary

Steve's vocals are as powerful as ever, and it's commendable he's even attempting some of those high notes. Not for the faint hearted. The guitar work from Ian Nash is proficient both in the lead and rhythm departments, while the rhythm section hold up their end like reinforced rebar.

The reviews for this album elsewhere on the Internet have been inconsistent but I guess that's what opinions are all about right? I had to give this a few playthroughs before firing up the pen. I'll admit I don't listen to albums like this much anymore, but I had a draft written some time ago and it needed to be completed.

I came away with a opinion that's on the plus side of the ledger, but as I said, you'll need to give it your thorough attention to get any value out of it. No doubt there are still some old school metal fans out there, this one is for you.



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