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A loud and proud power trio from the Midwest of Iowa caught between a Hendrix and Marino guitar thunderstorm.

Truth And Janey - 2003 Erupts!
ARTIST: Truth And Janey
ALBUM: Erupts!
LABEL: Monster Records
YEAR: 2003
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Steve Bock - bass, vocals * BillyLee Janey - guitars, vocals, production * Denis Bunce - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 No Rest For The Wicked * 02 Birth Of The Heart * 03 Universal Light * 04 A Child * 05 Building Walls * 06 Tunnel Of Tomorrow * 07 The Light * 08 One Down One To Go * 09 White Bread * 10 My Mind * 11 As I Am * 12 Ain't No Tellin' * 13 Hard Road

Removed from original LP: Under My Thumb * Around And Around

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A loud and proud power trio from the Midwest of Iowa caught between a Hendrix and Marino guitar thunderstorm. This trio formed in 1969 and took their name from a Jeff Beck album title plus guitarist BillyLee Janey's surname.

The trio were influenced by other power trios and bands of the era including said Jeff Beck, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mountain and Mahogany Rush.

After the release of two singles in 1972 and 1973, T&J released their debut LP in 1976 called 'No Rest For The Wicked'. But misfortune was about to strike, with disco killing off bands like T&J much like what grunge would do fifteen years later. The band disbanded, but Janey put together a new lineup in 1977 for 'Just A Little Bit Of Magic' which musically was nothing like the debut. After the second stint, that was it for T&J.

Truth And Janey pic 1976

The Songs

Years later in 1991, a label called Rock 'N Bach Records released a 2xLP album based off a 1976 live set recorded in Davenport Iowa. It was a limited edition containing fifteen tracks. Following on from this, rare records specialists Monster Records issued this live set on CD in 2003, changed the cover art, the album title and dropped two tracks (see above details) in order to make it fit onto compact disc format. Rockadrome Records also reissued this in recent years both in CD and LP format.

Guitar tone enthusiasts of the old univibe and flanger effects pedals made famous by Hendrix will love what's on offer here. Much of the material is from the 1969 to 1976 era, the two cuts removed were the Rolling Stones evergreen 'Under My Thumb' and Chuck Berry's 'Around And Around'.

In Summary

Following their breakup, Janey went solo, Bock moved to L.A and formed 80's AOR band Nowherefast while Bunce left the industry altogether.

From what I can tell, BillyLee did reassemble the band not long ago, and they have performed live around the nation, refer YouTube for some of their more recent performances. Billy's son Bryce is now playing bass. For all the old timers out there, Truth And Janey is a discovery waiting to be made.


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