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1990's 'Mountain Top' would prove to be Vow Wow's final swansong, after a three year stint based in the U.K. which though busy, was not commercially successful.

Vow Wow - 1990 Mountain Top
ALBUM: Mountain Top
LABEL: Eastworld
YEAR: 1990
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LINEUP: Kyoji Yamamoto - guitars, backing vocals * Genki Hitomi - lead vocals * Rei Atsumi - keyboards * Toshihiro Niimi - drums * Mark Gould - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Mountain Top * 02 In The Beginning (Instr) * 03 Black Out * 04 Move To The Music * 05 Love Someone * 06 Three Children (Instr) * 07 Speed * 08 Love Lies * 09 In The Night * 10 So Far, So Good * 11 I've Thrown It All Away * 12 The Chosen Few * 13 I Want You * 14 Tell Me * 15 I'm Gonna Sing The Blues

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1990's 'Mountain Top' would prove to be Vow Wow's final swansong, after a three year stint based in the U.K. (moved over in 1987) which though busy, was not commercially successful. The band would return to Japan and sign-off with this album.

I enjoyed much of their output even going back to the 70's era Bow Wow albums, where it was all highly energetic and entertaining. They got more serious as they entered the 80's and their fusion of hard rock and pomp was always a drawcard for me.

Vow Wow Band pic 1990

The Songs

Having enjoyed their prior two albums 'V' and 'Helter Skelter', it was a no brainer to follow through with this one despite their change in geographical circumstances. Joining the band was American bassist Mark Gould, of whom I know nothing about, either before or after this effort. 'Mountain Top' is a hefty listen coming in at fifteen tracks. I won't be writing about every song as this article could go on until next week, so we'll just choose selectively.

The title track leads off, a moody piece with thick orchestration on the chorus, it all comes together at solo time, that guitar solo is simply roaring. Vow Wow pick up the speed on the rampant 'Black Out', Rei Atsumi's and Kyoji's OTT synth and guitar duel solo begs to be heard.

'Love Someone' is the albums ballad, notable for Kyoji's extended guitar through the middle. 'In The Night' should find great favour among the Glory Daze regulars with equal parts of bombastic guitars and supporting keyboards. It's power ballad time on 'I've Thrown It All Away', a majestic piece, the back end of the album complimented by the highly melodic 'Tell Me', one of my highlights.

In Summary

From this point onward, Vow Wow disappeared from view, with only live albums and compilations appearing in the Japanese market occasionally. Kyoji did reform Bow Wow in the mid 90's, and released a slew of albums between 1996 and 2005. Whatever side of the 'Wow' fence you like (bow or vow), there is a rich vein of material to be tapped. Go for it.


Black Out (Live)

Tell Me

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    Absolutely love Vow Wow. Cyclone is where it's at for me but all of the VW stuff is top notch, while a lot of the BW albums are really good too, if a little more straight ahead.
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