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Peru is not a country that features highly on the list of melodic rock hotspots, but in this case they do with the very talented Revlin Project.

Revlin Project - Trascender
ARTIST: Revlin Project
ALBUM: Trascender
LABEL: Lion's Pride
YEAR: 2021

LINEUP: Renato Costa - vocals * Alain Ascarza - guitars * Pepe Irei - guitars * Nilver Perez - keyboards * Brian Henriquez - bass * Gabriel Seri - drums

Additional Musicians: Aquiles Solar Empire - guitar, bass * Ed Omar Carabantes - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 World Within * 02 Live Again * 03 Take Me To You * 04 Restless * 05 So Alive * 06 Face To Face * 07 Keep Holding On * 08 Nova * 09 Stargazer * 10 'Till The End

RATING: Score of 95%
WEBLINKS: Site Link | FB Page


Peru is not a country that features highly on the list of melodic rock hotspots, but in this case they do with the very talented Revlin Project. The band's origins come from keyboardist Nilver Perez who formed it in 2015 and then released the 2017 album 'Dimensión' under the Revlin Project name with just himself and Aquiles Solar Empire (guitar, bass, drums) plus a collection of lead vocalists from around the world contributing.

Moving on, four years later Revlin Project is now a full-featured band with international exposure signed to Danish label Lion's Pride Music. The album was officially released on March 29th and it's a little beauty if full bombastic keyboards is your vice.

Revlin Project Band pic 2021

The Songs

From my reckoning, a couple of tracks are revisited, and that's to be expected as this album will be the first time many in the Western World are exposed to the band.

No disputing the music on 'Trascender' (translates to 'transcend') which sits comfortably alongside other Spanish language bands including 91 Suite and Strangers. Great melodic rock speaks in a global language and will strike a chord no matter where they come from.

'World Within' leads things off, the track is also RP's first official video (see below) and here you can see what these guys are all about. Flashy guitar runs coupled with intricate keyboard passages. 'Live Again' sits close to the style of 91 Suite, vocalist Renato Costa borrowing from Jesus Espin and even Jon Bon Jovi in places.

The intro keyboard sequence on 'Take Me To You' is to die for, beautiful stuff. The ivories support the body of the song throughout without dominating which means that they've got the mix just right. 'Restless' chugs away in the same fashion as bands like Creye and One Desire, perhaps a sign that they've been listening to what's current over in Europe.

My favourite track so far is 'So Alive'. What a keyboard entrance, this motif is also prevalent throughout the song and it's a stunner. Why can't other keyboard-oriented bands come up with awesome stuff like this? Sensational. It's back to the faster tempo for 'Face To Face', again some of those aforementioned European references rear their heads though the quota of keyboards used by our Peruvian friends is far greater.

'Keep Holding On' with synth stabs and matching guitar riffs ensures a level of toughness to start with, but eventually the song plateaus around the time we reach the guitar and synth solo. More synth and guitar goodness can be found on 'Nova', the song maintaining a good clip throughout.

'Stargazer' is a track for all you space bunnies out there judging by all the lyrical references to all things galactic and cosmic. 'Till The End' is the album's sole power ballad and concludes what is a thoroughly enjoyable set.

In Summary

As mentioned, a handful of these tracks were featured on the 2017 'Dimensión' album, much of which is sung in Spanish, including: 'So Alive', 'Till The End', 'Live Again', 'Nova' and 'Keep Holding On'. There are tracks from that album up on YouTube for your investigation.

Very much a surprise packet, Revlin Project have arrived on the scene with a high-quality package of songs which should find favour among some of the regulars here at Glory Daze. Synth and keyboard lovers will be in seventh heaven. Check them out.


So Alive

World Within

Take Me To You

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