Triple Reissue Review: Stephen Crane / NightWork / Wildlife

I bought two brandnew cds recently and got one new reissue as lossless files from a friend. So, this is my review:
First, the best of the bunch... Stephen Crane - Kicks (AOR Heaven). Awesome crisp sound, great insightful liner notes by Dave - nice package all around. Highly recommended!
Also recommended is the second one: NightWork - NightWork (Lost U.S. Jewels): This is more like an EP with bonus tracks. Sound quality of the main 7 tracks is very very good (no crackles or whatsoever), while the 5 bonus tracks have demo quality. But they are clearly marked as such, so it's okay. Nice liner notes on this one, too. Only letdown is the relatively high price and very short runtime of just over 38 minutes.
Unfortunately my third review has to be much worse. Infact it's an insult for buyers to sell this quality for such a high price. I'm talking of Wildlife - Burning (Rock Candy). It sounds like a subpar vinyl rip with two songs almost unlistenable due to very loud crackles. I mean, seriously Rock Candy??? Please, don't tell me anything about 24-bit remastering when the source material is rubbish. The great packaging, the liner notes and the good music deserve much better than this. To my luck I haven't bought this cd. My recommendation: Safe your hard earned cash and buy the first two of the bunch instead!


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    And finally I've found a bad review on the RC facebook page from a guy called Randall Shearon:
    "I have several RC releases in my collection and I love them. was very excited to see Burning finally get released on CD. However, as soon as I started listening to it was was very shocked and disappointed with the sound quality. This is clearly a rip from the vinyl Lp. You can hear clicks, crackles and pops through out the songs. We’re the master tapes not available? If not I have no issue using a vinyl but I don’t understand why more work was not put in to clean it up. Heck, the version I made myself sounds cleaner than yours. Could you please shed some light on this. On the plus side the packaging is fantastic!!"

    Again, wtf are they thinking? I'm sure this entry will be deleted soon...

    On another wtf note: Why on earth is RC reissuing 3 (!) Frankie Miller albums???? What's next? BB King? John Denver? Bob Dylan? They really seem to be out of their minds sometimes...
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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    Good points Rob. The crackles and pops are unforgivable for RC in this day and age.

    Moving thread to a public forum.
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