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Brian Gari although not necessarily fitting in with the general remit of the site is I believe a welcome addition, as he is certainly from the old school of pop.

Brian Gari - Jeanne
ARTIST: Brian Gari
ALBUM: Jeanne's Album
LABEL: Original Cast Records
SERIAL: OC021819
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Brian Gari - vocals, piano, guitar * Peter Millrose - all other instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Got What I Wanted * 02 Busy Enjoying You * 03 The One Right Before You * 04 Jeanne Zoppi * 05 I Like Looking At Your Face * 06 Did You See Us? * 07 No Checks * 08 Sometimes You Look Like Diane * 09 Saving Each Other's Lives * 10 Whose Hair Is Longer? * 11 Can It Be This Good? * 12 She May Think You Like Her * 13 To Wait For Hello * 14. A Short Time Gone * Bonus Tracks: It's Getting Close To Christmas * Never Ending Christmas



A name that is new to me, but Brian Gari has a musical pedigree as long as your arm! Signing a record deal as far back as 1975, and according to his bio has in the intervening years written some 900+ songs.

And along the way Brian found time to write a Broadway musical 'Late Nite Comic' as well as collaborate with the likes of Neil Sedaka and Don Ciccone (Critters/Four Seasons). Phew! And if that wasn't enough he's written a few books too!

The Songs

On my first listen I was drawn to the lyrical content and was immediately reminded of the work of Rupert Holmes and at times Paul Williams and Carole Bayer Sager.

This is apparently his first collection of songs in a decade, and the majority of the tunes are in the main charming, romantic and catchy, and I can even detect a hint of the music of Brazil lurking around in here too.

The title of the album is self explanatory and is dedicated to his wife, with one of the songs 'Whose Hair Is Longer' detailing Jeanne's battle with breast cancer and the side effects of her chemotherapy, so this is obviously a deeply personal album from him.

The melodies for the most part come across as optimistic and quite cheerful and the lyrics both plaintive and at times funny and sweet, from the gentle bossa nova of 'Busy Enjoying You' to the poignant 'Saving Each Others Lives'.

Brian's voice is the perfect conduit to convey the emotions he wants to get across on this record which for the majority of the time really works. With a nicely understated production, the whole package is lovingly put together and if you know your music history check out the cover as it's pays homage to the legendary Jazz man Chet Baker.

In Summary

As I get older, some might see it as me mellowing out, but I see it as just diversifying, spreading my musical wings and listening to albums I would otherwise pass by. This is one such record, and I'm really pleased I got to it.

I'd like to think we are a broad church here at Glory Daze, and Brian Gari although not necessarily fitting in with the general remit of the site is I believe a welcome addition. This is an album for a late night listen with the odd glass (or two) of chardonnay. A nice surprise for me, as this is a really pleasant release.

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