Hammered Satin - Velvet Vortex

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This album may well say made in 2019, but it just screams 1973/74 at you, yes, Hammered Satin, deal in prime time early 70's Glam Rock.

Hammered Satin - Velvet Vortex
ARTIST: Hammered Satin
ALBUM: Velvet Vortex
LABEL: Deadbeat/Burger Records
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Noah Wallace - lead vocals * Elizabeth Boyd - lead guitar * Dan Sandvick - bass * Victor Penalosa - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Satin Stomp * 02 Dynamite * 03 Planet Boogie * 04 Candy Sugar Baby * 05 Velvet Vortex * 06 Silver Streak * 07 Baby Vampire * 08 Honey Squiss * 09 Starchild

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This album may well say made in 2019, but it just screams 1973/74 at you. Yes, Hammered Satin, deal in prime time early 70's Glam rock, or to be more accurate 'JunkShop Glam', which to the uninitiated is a sub genre of the Glam movement.

But rather than look to the likes of The Sweet, David Bowie etc for their influences, it's more a case of taking inspiration from bands such as, Hector, Hello and Milk N Cookies.

Their previous album 'Glamorama' released in 2013 was an absolute glam stunner and I for one couldn't wait to get my greasy paws on this their latest opus.


The Songs

A single glance at the song titles and you'll soon see what I mean. 'Satin Stomp' is just that, a rollicking stomper of a song complete with authentic 'Glitter Band' guitar work, handclaps and Heys! And from that sensational opener it just gets better.

'Dynamite' could have come from the pen of the legendary Glam song writing team of Chinn/Chapman with its football terrace styling. 'Planet Boogie' sees the band take a slightly different tack with a cool Marc Bolan vibe, and 'Candy Sugar Baby' is as satisfying a piece of Bubblegum pop you'll hear this side of Chicory Tip!

The title track itself is a smouldering piece of glam with leader Noah Wallace taking centre stage with a delightfully camp vocal. 'Silver Streak' is an adrenalin fuelled rocker with a chorus to die for, before the band dive into 'Baby Vampire' with its 50's inspired 'shoo wops'. 'Honey Squiss' is as near a love song you're gonna get here but still another good time tune, before it's all over far too soon with the only track that slows the pace down, the relatively plaintive 'Starchild'.

Almost every track clocks in at around the 3 minute mark and wastes no time getting straight into the (Solid Gold Easy) action. This is a good time rock 'n' roll record make no mistake, and It's also plainly obvious that these guys are deadly serious about having a fun time too!

In Summary

This band really are THE torch bearers of 21st century glam rock, Bringing back the spirit of 1973 for 2019, evoking a (better) time when flares, platform boots and riding your Raleigh Chopper bike were all the rage!

So, if you're a child of the revolution like myself this album is the nearest you'll get to a time machine, listening to this I was transported right back to my formative teen years when I just couldn't get enough of this type of stuff. Glorious! The album is available over at Dead Beat Records on glorious Bubblegum pink vinyl and Digital at the bands Bandcamp page.


Hammered Satin - Velvet Vortex

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